FBI and Pega Image credit pixabay/richrdbarboza and Pega SystemsPega has sold a subscription contract that will replace several back office systems at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Business Process Management Unit (BPMU). Pega is deploying several solutions including human resources, finance, and security applications.

These systems will help to improve workflow processes at the FBI. The HCM application will replace and modernise elements of the Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, part of the FBI HR application, HR Source.

This is not just about replacing a legacy HCM system with a more modern one. The Pega solution includes the Pega Governent Platform and the Pega Robotic Processs Automation. The inference is that the FBI will leverage the Pega RPA solution to enhance the existing HR systems, automating existing processes. It will also develop and introduce new applications using the Pega Government platform.

The importance of Accenture

The Pega solution will probably be implemented by Accenture, an SI partner of Pega. This will allow Accenture to continue its work to streamline and improve the FBI HR processes. Work began in 2012 with the aim to “oversee selection, installation, testing and support to the agency’s HR systems “.

In 2014 it completed the first step of that project with upgrades to the existing FBI solution, HR Source. That contract was renewed in 2017 with a seven year blanket purchase agreement capped at $100 million to provide application services and introduce new digital solutions to further modernise the FBI HR systems.

Vinicio Ingrao, Accenture Financial Services program manager for the HR Source contract commented in 2017: “The FBI requires a workforce that is as diverse as the population it serves, with the skills and experience to match. Over the last five years, the FBI and Accenture have laid the foundation to achieve this through the implementation of HR Source. Now more than ever, the FBI has greater insight into its applicants and employee workforce. This award enables the FBI to continue to build upon these capabilities to serve changing mission, workforce and business needs in the years to come.”

That it has chosen to move away from Oracle will be a blow to the tech giant that offers its own RPA solutions and government cloud platform. Surprisingly Pega Government Cloud has not yet completed its FedRamp authorisation process, it is still at the approval stage. Although this will no doubt follow in due course, it clearly didn’t detract from the decision. The FBI will join other government organisations such as the Department of Defence and the US Marine Corps on the Pega platform.

What do Pega offer

Full details of what exactly the FBI will implement are not yet available. The Pega Government Platform will allow the FBI to develop its own applications in a low code environment. The Pega RPA solution will also enable it to automate repetitive tasks to free up employees to perform more valuable tasks. The solutions also include the ability to deliver secure mobile ready applications. This will further eliminate delays in processing administrative tasks in the future for the FBI’s 51,000 employees.

Doug Averill, industry market lead, government, Pegasystems (Image credit Linkedin)
Doug Averill, industry market lead, government, Pegasystems

Doug Averill, industry market lead, government, Pegasystems commented: “Many government agencies are currently tackling today’s challenges with yesterday’s technology; however, most legacy technology fails to meet the requirements government employees need to do their jobs efficiently. By overhauling their enterprise business processes with Pega, the FBI can improve the experience for employees so they can spend more time on critical missions that help keep US citizens safe.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Pega seem to be winning an increasing number of contracts away from Oracle in the Government Sector. This is often with the help of Accenture. This latest win does not spell the end of Oracle as the HCM technology provider to the FBI though. Potentially it even extends the life of PeopleSoft within that organisation. This deal will enable the FBI to continue to leverage the legacy solution, without missing out on some of the benefits of a modern HCM solution. The addition of RPA will bring a significant set of efficiencies to that organisation once implemented.

Oracle recently reconfirmed the extension to the end of life for Peoplesoft The FBI can continue to use it for another decade at least. Oracle will continue to provide Premier Support for PeopleSoft until at least December 2030 and continues to offer sustaining support indefinitely.

Replacing and HCM and Finance system for a government organisation is a huge risk. What Accenture is doing with Pega is proving that organisations can retain older systems for longer. With RPA they can benefit from improvements without the huge risk that major change brings. By prolonging what some will see as the inevitable are they just putting off the decision? Potentially making the problem even bigger when it finally arrives. There is a counter argument. Software is becoming easier to deploy, in ten years time the replacement might be easier to do.


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