Kerim Akgonul talks CX and Pega InfinityAt PegaWorld 2018, Kerim Akgonul, Senior Vice President Products, Pegasystems, announced Pega Infinity. Enterprise Times was interested in why Pega had moved away from its history of products to a single suite. Akgonul says that it is about helping customers be more effective in how they engage with their customers, the end consumers, across the whole company.

Everything is focused on the end customers journey and making sure they get the best result. This is about customer experience (CX). It is an area where companies think they are doing a good job but where, in reality, they are failing. This is not just about omni-channel experience, it goes much deeper than that.

Part of the solution is the phrase “next best action.” This is where the AI will look at the customer, their interaction with the business and make the right decision. This is not about the next best offer. Where there is a problem, the system will take that into account and look for the appropriate response. In effect, this is about doing right by the customer.

Automation and AI will play a significant part in the systems that Pega customers create. To hear what else Akgonul had to say, listen to the podcast.

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