APIs for InforInfor, the cloud applications vendor, has announced availability of new APIs for Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management in the Infor ION API Gateway.

These APIs assist access to a wide variety of integration possibilities to mobile, cloud, web, and server-based applications for the vertical industries Infor serves.

Keith Knuth, Product Director for Infor ION said: “The power of exposing such a breadth of functionality from your finance and supply chain applications as APIs cannot be underestimated.

“Essentially, the entire Infor CloudSuite can function as an API.  We have entered an era where programmatic interfaces are as heavily used, if not more heavily utilized, than human interfaces.  This kind of offering can help enable that new era to become a reality for enterprises.”

The importance of APIs for Infor

Enterprises like open APIs. They use them to help undertake digital transformation across their operations. In effect they act as a ‘software glue’ which can:

  • bind together connected experiences
  • make cloud-hybrid connectivity more secure
  • provide al stimulus to an active developer community.

Well-designed open APIs:

  • improve flexibility and agility
  • integrate both Infor and third-party software applications
  • create workflows and alerts to improve exception management
  • enable the design, standardisation, monitoring or changing of business processes without IT involvement
  • connect applications to the events in business processes
  • make better decisions, faster.

They are a helper mechanism in the search to adapt to the changing needs of businesses – without breaking existing experiences.

API availability

The new APIs are available as part of the Infor ION API Gateway. Infor has designed this to provide a single point of administration, monitoring, orchestration and authorization for Infor APIs, as well as applicable partner and third-party APIs.

The gateway acts as a hub for the digital enterprise. It delivers access internally and externally to applicable web, mobile or server-based applications.

Infor ION is the Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) built into Infor OS. The APIs available for Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management include:

  • Global Ledger
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

The Infor ION API Gateway aims to not only extend Infor’s capabilities within its finance and supply management solutions but also to serve as a part of an end-to-end ecosystem which includes both Infor and non-Infor elements (products or services). As such it is using its gateway to driving an entire ecosystem.

With >16,000 employees and 90,000+ (in more than 170 countries), Infor needs its APIs for Infor ION Gateway for itself and for its partners. Possessing a unified API approach opens doors as well as offer simplification for customers. The big question, which applies as much to others hoping to exploit ‘API enthusiasm’ is will those partners and customers understand and buy.




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