Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC (Image source Pixabay/tunasandwich
Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC

SAP has announced that Arsenal Football Club has implemented SAP Hybris. The new solution has improved the fan experience, and seen considerable improvements in KPI’s.

Functional improvements

SAP Hybris supports the online retail site ArsenalDirect.com allowing customers to shop from anywhere. The Arsenal store does allow fans to shop using several currencies such as euros, U.S. dollars, Australian dollars and British pounds. It does not appear to be multi-lingual however. This is unlike Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea stores. SAP Hybris does have the capability of multi-language support but clearly Arsenal chose not to adopt any. Whether this is coming is unknown.

Arsenal focus on the ability to deliver a fast an efficient service to customers. Simon Lilley, Retail Director, Arsenal Football Club commented: “Our new e-commerce platform has helped provide a speedy and reliable shopping experience for our supporters. Results have been fantastic, and we will continue to build on this to meet the needs of fans wherever they are in the world and however they choose to shop.”

So what are those results?

Just implementing a new e-commerce solution does not automatically mean an increase in sales. However, SAP Hybris is delivering on the KPI’s. SAP cited four key areas where sales have improved;

  • 86 percent increase in mobile transactions
  • 42 percent increase in sales as a whole
  • 48 percent increase in sales outside of the United Kingdom
  • 57 percent reduction in page load time

The increase in mobile traffic is significant and demonstrates that the Hybris solution is able to take advantage of a new generation of shopper. According to comScore mobile (Registration required) devices take up 61% of the minutes spent online in the UK. The conversion rate for mobile often suffers from a poor experience so this increase is significant. If customers find it easier to buy using their mobile devices, the risk of a lost sale is lower.

SAP Hybris also allows customers such as premiership clubs to cope with spikes of transactions. For premiership clubs this is often at the beginning of the season, around Christmas or when new signings are announced. Though for Arsenal fans, the latter doesn’t happen often enough.

What does this mean

Jamie Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Hybris (Source Linkedin)
Jamie Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Hybris

For SAP this is a well known brand adopting its leading e-commerce solution. They will hope to persuade other clubs, both in the UK and abroad to adopt the solution. Especially on the impressive improvements in performance. The one caveat however, depends upon what level those sales are compared to in store. It will be interesting to see what percentage improvements moving the site to multi lingual means for international sales, for example.

Jamie Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Hybris commented: “The sports and entertainment industries are near and dear to our hearts at SAP, and we have a deep understanding of the expectations brands within this market have. When it comes to athletics, fans can be particularly passionate consumers, demanding quality performance at all times. With this in mind, SAP Hybris solutions enable leading global organizations, like Arsenal Football Club, to deliver services and products to fans that reflect the standing and regard they have for the club. The benchmark is not what other sports clubs offer, but a solution fitting the expectation of world’s leading retailers.”


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