Talking DevOps with Flint Brenton

Flint Brenton, CEO and President, Collabnet
Flint Brenton, CEO and President, Collabnet

DevOps has become a hot topic over the last two years. The challenge for many organisations is how to implement it. There are several options but choosing the right one is not simple. Many organisations start out trying to just smooth the friction between their developers and operations teams. This might sound a good compromise but that is all it is. It is not a solution to the problem.

Other organisations invest heavily in tools and processes. This comes with its own challenges. What tools are needed? Can processes be aligned or do they need to be rewritten? How long will it take to make this effective?

Enterprise Times sat down with Flint Brenton, CEO, CollabNet to talk about the challenges that organisations face. He told us that this is not just about tooling. One of the big challenges is changing the culture of the organisation. Another big challenge is when to engage the security team and expand DevOps to DevOpsSec.

To hear what Brenton had to say listen to the podcast here. Alternatively you can download it to your local machine and listen to it on your personal device. Our podcasts are also available for Android devices from Alternatively go to our page on Stitcher and download this podcast from there.


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