Dataguise launches DgSecure for Amazon cloud

Secure Business Execution vendor Dataguise has released Dataguise DgSecure. It is targeted at customers using Amazon Redshift, RDS and S3. Dataguise is targeting companies who are currently moving their data to the cloud. It claims that DgSecure will help companies identify sensitive data across on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Identifying sensitive data is a major challenge for many companies. Data is spread across the organisation and is increasingly not under the control of IT departments. Users store stuff in their personal cloud services in order to work offline. They also collaborate with corporate partners which results in a lot of data being shared.

JT Sison, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Dataguise said: “Many enterprises are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the reliability, scalability and agility provided by AWS. Dataguise customers leveraging Amazon Redshift, RDS, and S3 can benefit from our new offering and we look forward to sharing our stories of success with the thousands of attendees expected at re:Invent this year.”

What Dataguise is aiming to do is use the processing capabilities of AWS cloud to identify data. Once identified, they can then track and control its movement. This is done through the use of role-based access policies created in DgSecure. It will help IT departments control what data users can access and where they can access it from.

This is not just about companies working in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. It affects all companies who capture personal data on individuals. With the GDPR coming into effect in Europe soon there is massive extension of what is personal data. A recent court case lost by the German Government saw dynamic IP addresses reclassified as PII.

According to the press release: “During re:Invent 2016, Dataguise will activate its Five-Day Free Trial Program, providing prospective customers with full access to DgSecure software for a limited time. Organizations participating in the program will also receive up to $300 in AWS credits, along with instructions on how to implement DgSecure.” Customers who want to take advantage of the trial can do so by going to the DgSecure page on the AWS Marketplace.


Getting control of sensitive data is no longer a business requirement it is a business imperative. Governments are tightening controls on privacy and personal data. Any company that trades with or inside Europe will soon find itself subject to punitive fines. Breaches of the GDPR carry a fine of up to 4% of global turnover, a sum that could be business threatening for some companies.


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