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US Federal building

Deltek has announced the latest version of GovWin IQ. The market intelligence solution targets both government contractors and employees. It provides information around government contracts helping individuals and organisations through the process. The latest release features GovWin IQ Market Alerts. These alerts are set up to provide notifications around different information changes noted within the GovWin IQ system.

For example a notification is sent when specific contracts or subcontracts are either received or made by companies. Reminders about the expiry of contracts, both supplied by the contractor or by a competitor are flagged. The alerts can notify when key documents are released such as a new budget or a GAO report that audits an agency function and may lead to an opportunity.

Benefits of GovWin IQ market Alerts

The upgrade will not provide the benefits without some work by the contractor themselves. They will need to consider what alerts to set up to gather the competitive intelligence. For those companies that have a substantive interest in US government contracts this is no small task. Deltek have allowed users to “fine tune” their settings. This allows contractors to view targeted information about their chosen areas of interest. There is no more wading through volumes of contract information to identify opportunities.

GovWin IQ solution also enables contractors to search for key subcontractors. These are essential when it comes to completing the various contracts they are interested in. At present the solution only details US government information. Companies not yet using GovWin can access a free trial version. While the solution is the market leader it is not the cheapest solution on the market. It’s competitors include Epipeline, EzGovOps and Fedmine.

Improving the solution

Kevin Plexico, Vice President of Information Solutions at Deltek (Source Deltek)
Kevin Plexico, Vice President of Information Solutions at Deltek

Deltek is offering GovWin Market Alerts as a differentiator for its solution. It appears to improve on what competitors are doing with their solutions and shows that Deltek are continuing to invest. The feature will become part of the core system which is welcome news to users. This means that they will be able to access it without an additional cost.

The investment also shows that Deltek is keen to ensure it keeps its advantage in the market. Its competitors already offer similar if slightly more limited functionality. For example EzGovOps has an email alert system that is not quite as comprehensive.

Kevin Plexico, Vice President of Information Solutions at Deltek commented: “GovWin Market Alerts provide our GovWin IQ subscribers with a huge advantage in monitoring their competitors, partners and government customers.

“It is a one of a kind market intelligence offering in the government market, and we’re proud to deliver it to our customers so they can find and win more business for their organizations.”


Deltek highlighted Market Alerts as a major part of this release. That should mean there are other improvements but they are hard to find. It won’t be difficult for a competitors to invest in the development of similar functionality and deliver it fairly quickly. So what will be the next differentiator?

Deltek might want to consider adding a bot to the solution. This would certainly be a differentiator. In the accounting world Sage has already gone down this route. Pegg delivers a chat AI to Sage 100. Can Deltek can harness the big data challenge for government contracts in a similar way? It will be interesting to see if their competitors are also looking to develop something similar.


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