Rakesh Singh, Managing Director, Srithai Superware India Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Singh, Managing Director, Srithai Superware India Pvt Ltd

ABAS has been in business for 35 years, delivering an ERP solution across the globe. Headquartered in Kalsruhe, Germany they have offices in 28 other countries. It is a global group of locally operated companies that service the mid sized business market with their software.

The latest win for ABAS is in India is with Srithai Superware Manufacturing Pvt Ltd [SSMP], based in Ahemdabad Gujrat-India. SSMP part of the Srithai Superware Group, which is the largest manufacturer of 100% Melamine tableware. In part the group is more diversified than that, producing plastic products that include automobile parts, garden furniture and pallets.

Srithai Superware group have a number of manufacturing plants in Asia, but the company in Gujrat is one of the latest ones. The headquarters of the Group is in Thailand and the manufacturing plants are mainly based in that country with one in Vietnam.


Selling ERP solutions is not quick and ABAS have courted SSMP for some time. This relationship building is critical for solution sales and it rare that large long term decisions are reached without some depth to the relationships between individuals within companies. This view is backed by the academic theory of relationship marketing, notably the work carried out by the IMP group with their interaction theory.

Mr Rakesh Singh, Managing Director of SSMP justified his selection of ABAS by saying: “Several key factors led to the company’s decision to choose ABAS ERP, including the fact that ABAS India [ABAS Software Solutions] has been in touch with us for quite some time and has provided effective software solutions & services in another group company in the past.”

This does not mean that Singh on chose ABAS solely on the basis of the relationship as he also commented: “We studied various options during the selection of ERP software for our business and finally decided to go with ABAS ERP. We look forward to reap the benefits from it and hope it help in our company’s growth,”.

That SSMP had previous experience of ABAS, and the software they were offering compared well against the competition no doubt made the decision easy. However the third element of importance was no doubt the price, though this was not published.

ABAS build relationships

Devesh Bharati, Director at ABAS India [ABAS Software Solutions] believes that building the relationship with customers is critical to success. Bharati said: “Many of our customers like working with ABAS India [ABAS Software Solutions] because they have a direct relationship with us and at the same time we gain trust from our prospects and customer using “see-first-before-you-believe” approach in terms of functionalities available in our German Quality ABAS ERP solution. Close contact, sustained support and customer satisfaction rank high on our priorities.”

Final comment

Whether ABAS can penetrate further into the Superware group remains to be seen. The ABAS company in Bangkok is Wisdom Information Systems and it will be interesting to see whether the federated style of ABAS is able to take sales opportunities cross borders easily. Surprisingly there is no mention of cloud within the ABAS site or the announcement.


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