Aleksandr Orlov
Aleksandr Orlov

WANdisco has announced a deal with price comparison website Compare The Market for WANdisco Fusion. The product will be installed across all of Compare The Market’s data centres providing a clustered and distributed analytics solution.

According to the press release, the goal is to enable Compare The Market to get deeper insight into customer behaviour. With the price comparison market becoming extremely competitive over the last year, it is surprising that it has taken this long for Compare The Market to deploy a clustered big data analytics engine.

WANdisco Fusion uses the Paxos active-active replication engine to share data directories across multiple clusters. This means that users can quickly create a fault tolerant environment for their big data. If one part of the cluster is unavailable for any length of time, it is automatically replicated when it comes back on line.

One of the advantages of WANdisco fusion is that it doesn’t have to replicate all the data and this allows data controllers to apply security controls to the data that is replicated. One of the advantages of this is that companies that work in a regulated environment can quickly control where regulated data is shared and ensure that data sovereignty requirements are not met.

According to Randy DeFauw, director of product marketing at WANdisco, comments, “WANdisco Fusion represents the evolution of our existing product offering to better reflect the diversity of Big Data solutions being applied in today’s production deployments. As reflected by Compare The Market’s specific data needs, operating across clusters is a major requirement for our customers and this product will maintain quality of service across any number of servers and locations.”


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