Education - Apple Image credit pixabay.JarmolukThe IRIS Software Group (IRIS) has announced a strategic partnership with PAGS (Profile Assessment and Goal Setting). PAGS is a new assessment tool that enables schools and educational organisations to assess the strengths and areas of development for all neurodiverse learners who need support to achieve their expected level. It then considers these assessments and provides documents, strategies and plans for children. The assessment recognises the individual capabilities and learning styles of each individual and assists professionals in delivering advice.

The partnership will see the PAGS technology integrated into IRIS’ Ed:gen and iSAMS platforms, its schools administration software for State schools and Private schools, respectively. It means that schools can now streamline their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) management processes in a single integrated platform, delivering better support for neurodiverse children. The number of children identified as neurodiverse has increased to 1 in 7. This is probably due to the increase in diagnoses.

The challenge is that there are several types of neurodiversity, including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy, ADHD, Tourette syndrome (TS) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). (Source Government Events). Each may require a different approach to education. The integration with PAGS will enable IRIS users to have a better understanding of the needs of children and improve decision-making around budgets, which are often scarce.

How does the integration help

The integration will enable data held within IRIS about students to transfer into PAGS, reducing the administration work and improving accuracy. With less time spent on manual administration, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) can then create targeted, personalised plans and assessments for SEND pupils.

Another area where automation will assist is when Schools look to apply for high-needs government funding from their local education authority. SENCOs are able to prepare the applications within PAGS and can draw relevant data from the IRIS platform without the need to extract data and rekey. PAGS not only assists with the assessment it will also produce the relevant reports required for Schools in this area.

Simon Freeman, Managing Director for Education at IRIS, commented, “Children with special educational needs and disabilities face significant challenges, including an estimated 25% of autistic children having a higher likelihood of struggling with school attendance and students with ADHD having GPAs that are, on average, lower than their neurotypical peers.

“PAGS is a natural partner for IRIS; we both invest in solutions that foster inclusive education and prioritise pupil wellbeing. By working together, we can help educators reduce the time spent on manual data entry in spreadsheets and give them more data at their disposal to create impactful strategies to drive better outcomes for pupils. This support will be especially valuable for schools facing SEND budget constraints.”

Feliciea Jibson, CEO of PAGS Assessment & Provision (image credit - LinkedIn/Feliciea Jibson)
Feliciea Jibson, CEO of PAGS Assessment & Provision

Feliciea Jibson, CEO of PAGS Assessment & Provision, said, “Joining forces with IRIS will empower us to deliver an unprecedented level of support and efficiency to schools. Our combined expertise will ensure that both administrative processes and student support are handled with outstanding proficiency, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Anything that reduces the manual administration burden and error rates within school administrations is welcome. This partnership, and specifically the integration between the two vendor platforms, is welcome. What isn’t clear is if this integration is available now or whether it will be available for the start of the next school year. One might have hoped that some early adopters might have been quoted about the real benefits, if it had been available.


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