Deloitte and Clari (c) Clari 2024Clari has announced a new strategic alliance with Deloitte Digital. The partnership will see Deloitte Digital offer AI revenue transformation to customers using the Clari Revenue Platform and its Revenue Cadence framework. Clari and Deloitte already have several joint customers, which seem to have been the catalyst for formalising this partnership.

Andy Byrne, CEO Clari, indicated this announcement was imminent when Enterprise Times recently interviewed him. Byrne commented, “If I think about 2024, another big thing that’s happened is we’re turning on the GSIs. We formally signed up with Deloitte; they’re building what’s called a revenue transformation practice.”

Byrne also confirmed that the company is working with Accenture and PwC at the moment, so there could be more announcements to come. Why are SIs looking to work with Clari? The answer is simple. Clari Labs research recently revealed that companies lose 14.9% of revenues due to revenue leakage every year.

The main causes are process breakdowns within Revenue Operations, which include slipped deals, missed upsell or cross-sell opportunities, unforeseen customer churn, error-prone manual processes, and bad data.

R.J. Filipski, Global VP of Ecosystem and Alliances at Clari (image credit - LinkedIn)
R.J. Filipski, Global VP of Ecosystem and Alliances at Clari

It is an area that the Clari platform was developed to fix. In total this equates to $2 trillion of revenue every year, according to BCG. Fixing that issue will be lucrative for SIs. As it will let them deliver the scale of benefits that make it worthwhile for them to engage.

R.J. Filipski, Global VP of Ecosystem and Alliances at Clari commented, “For too long, revenue leaders have struggled with disconnected legacy systems and loose processes in the pursuit of answering the most critical questions in their business. Together with Deloitte Digital, we are raising the bar by delivering the platform and playbook for the future of revenue for all revenue-critical employees across every B2B industry.”

Strategic Consulting Partner

Deloitte Digital will become a Clari strategic consulting partner, according to Filipski, who answered some questions about the release. The two organisations will collaborate to develop service offerings that help enterprises design and develop best practice repeatable operational processes. Clari refers to this as revenue cadences, to maximise the capture of revenue all the time, whether at the sales rep or board level.

Deloitte Digital will develop these services underpinned by the Clari Revenue AI-powered revenue platform. It will develop sales transformation offerings to unlock the revenue potential of B2B sales teams. Deloitte already has a practice around sales transformation which supports customers on the deployment of technologies such as:

  • Customer Management systems (CMS)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Sales Enablement and digital selling tools
  • Sales Operations platforms
  • Revenue Operations

Stephanie Arnette, Ecosystems & Alliances leader, Deloitte Digital, commented, “Our alliances with leading providers allow us to execute solutions at enterprise scale so that we can design front and back-end customer journeys optimised for unique business needs. Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet specialised needs so our clients can go to market ahead of the pack.”

The formal partnership with Deloitte recognised that a stronger relationship has grown between the two companies. Enterprise Times asked Filipski whether Deloitte Digital would build a centre of excellence around Clari. He replied that it is on the roadmap.

First, the US and then global?

This partnership will start in the US with the intent to roll out to other countries worldwide. While there are no joint customers mentioned in the release, Filipski noted, “Deloitte and Clari share a number of joint customers globally. There are additional new customer engagements currently in flight but none that can be shared publicly yet.”

Paul Vinogradov, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte Digital. “In today’s enterprise, mastering every revenue moment is critical to success. To truly master revenue, you need a combination of best-in-class revenue process expertise and the most advanced technical instrumentation available in the market. Clari and Deloitte Digital are uniquely qualified to meet the evolving needs of B2B sales by embracing a ‘yes/and’ approach, tapping technology and people to provide a customized, blended experience.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a significant step for Clari as it looks to extend into new markets. Joint customers do exist as both Deloitte and Clari share Adobe as a customer. Though it is unclear whether Deloitte worked on the Clari project. Others will follow though, as Deloitte opens up a huge opportunity beyond those sectors that Clari has had the greatest traction in to date.

If Clari can also bring on board Accenture, PwC and others then it should easily maintain its growth trajectory. Deloitte Digital may also help expand the Clari presence beyond the US, where most of its revenues presumably come from currently.


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