Truck Zone, Edmonton branch (image credit) 2024 Truck ZoneYooz has announced the publication of a case study that reveals how Truck Zone, a Canadian commercial vehicle repairs and part company, has leveraged its AP automation platform. Founded in 2022, Truck Zone is now one of the top providers of parts and services to the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry. It reached a point where it was manually processing 2,000 invoices every month on its ERP solution, Karmak Fusion.

With five locations, the AP part-time specialist struggled to process the load. And there was no tracking system or easy way to separate invoices by location. It meant the finance team had little visibility of outstanding invoices and an increasing risk of impacting operations. Also, the clerk had to manually confirm authorisation using email rather than any workflow. Moreover, when she was not working, other members of finance could not find the relevant information, leading to further delays.

Christina Chomyk, Director of Finance and Business Operations at Truck Zone
Christina Chomyk, Director of Finance and Business Operations at Truck Zone

Truck Zone considered the options for solving the issue. Karmak integrates with three AP automation solutions: Epicor DocStar, Docubizz, and Yooz. It selected Yooz to automate and streamline the manual processes and deliver the visibility it required. The implementation was smooth.

Christina Chomyk, Director of Finance and Business Operations at Truck Zone, commented, “The transition was anything but the cumbersome process that one might dread. Instead, we found ourselves looking forward to the weekly updates and embracing the opportunities linked with the new workflows and processes.”

The benefits

Now implemented, Truck Zone has identified three major benefits from implementing Yooz.

  • Accountability: There is a completely transparent process, that enables users across the business to identify the status of an invoice, whether awaiting processing, approval or payment.
  • Secure: Yooz has increased the security of the financial data and safeguards Truck Zone against fraud from any source.
  • Streamlined: The AP process is now automated across processing approval and payment. The AP clerk has more time to answer vendor questions and build vendor relationships rather than processing or answering internal queries.

The changes have meant that employees are able to spend more time of value-added work rather than manual processes. Chomyk noted, “It’s not a replacement for employees but freedom from routine, boring tasks, paving the way for more meaningful ones.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Truck Zone has seen the advantages of deploying an AP automation platform. It selected one of the solutions that was already integrated with its ERP solution, which would have made implementation much easier. While the case study does not reveal any quantitative metrics around improvements there were clear qualitative advantages that the company gained.

As a growing company, Truck Zone will clearly benefit from implementing Yooz for further growth, and it is already doing so. The firm only recently added its fifth location after the acquisition of Schaffers’ Equipment, Truck & Trailer Repairs (2012) Ltd in Nanaimo earlier this month.


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