Insurance Partnership - Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayNewgen has announced that two Guidewire Cloud-validated accelerators are now available on the Guidewire Marketplace. These add to the existing accelerators that were already listed, and the accelerators can support users of Guidewire PolicyCenter and Guidewire ClaimCenter.

The four applications are:

It is the last two that are the most recent additions with both providing a cloud-native deployment. They enable users to view, access, and work on all content related to a policy or claim from a single interface. That interface is embedded within the respective Guidewire application, enabling users to make decisions faster and improve the users’ productivity.

Newgen Accelerator for Guidewire (c0 2024 Newgen Software
Newgen Accelerator for Guidewire (c) 2024 Newgen Software

What are the Newgen Guidewire accelerators?

The applications leverage the NewgenOne Omnidoc Contextual Content Services platform to surface the relevant documentation in a single screen for insurance company users. Effectively, it provides access to an Enterprise Content Management solution without having to leave the Guidewire system or switch windows. Users can also capture, store, organise and manage content within the centralised repository, ensuring that cases are updated quickly for use by any relevant person.

Newgen highlights the benefits it is delivering:

  • Greater customer experience
  • Increase in productivity of key resources like underwriting and claims officers
  • Faster turnaround time with easy access to information
  • Enhanced user productivity and better decision-making
  • Increased collaboration among key stakeholders
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements
Rajvinder S. Kohli, Senior Vice President of Sales at Newgen, image credit: LinkedIn
Rajvinder S. Kohli, Senior Vice President of Sales at Newgen

Rajvinder S. Kohli, Senior Vice President of Sales at Newgen, commented, “Our platform, recently acknowledged as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report, Q1 2023, empowers organisations to embark on a holistic digital transformation journey with comprehensive content management capabilities on the cloud. This partnership between Newgen and Guidewire paves the way for insurers to harness the potential of cloud technology, revamp their conventional workflows, and evolve into customer-centric, digitally enabled, value-focused, and highly efficient enterprises.”

What is missing from the announcement and the documentation on the Guidewire marketplace is any pricing information about the accelerators.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

Newgen is ramping up its efforts to help insurers increase productivity where it matters most. Last year, Newgen partnered with and offered integrations of the NewgenONE OmniDocs Contextual Content Services platform to Duck Creek Policy. This partnership with Guidewire goes further as it also integrates with the Guidewire PolicyCentre and Guidewire ClaimCenter as a Cloud-native integration. The solution is available worldwide but appears only to be available in English.

Newgen Software solutions, specifically its NewgenOne platform, can assist insurers with transforming their businesses using the low-code digital automation platform. This latest announcement reflects the understanding that insurers have made large investments in the solutions. Newgen, through its platform and these integrations, is able to offer digital transformation without the major disruption of a complete system change.


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