Exclusive Networks has added RPost Outbound eSecurity Services to its X-OD Portfolio. Through the X-OD subscription-based consumption platform, it will now offer several RPost products, including RMail, RDocs and RSign to its VAR and MSP community.

Zafar Khan, CEO RPost (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Zafar Khan, CEO RPost

According to Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost, “We at RPost share the same customer philosophy as Exclusive Networks teams; we both believe the technologies we provide as a service are great, but they are better when served by people who care to serve, who can help MSPs to help their clients get the most value from them. This is what we do. This is how Exclusive Networks does it.”

Khan continued,  “We know the technology environment is getting more complex from a security, compliance, and business operations perspective – many clients today are looking to their MSPs to bring them the best point solutions to solve specific needs. The addition of RPost to Exclusive’s portfolio gives its partners an additive solution set that does not overlap with others in their marketspace.”

What does RPost bring to the X-OD platform?

RPost delivers electronic signature and cybersecurity services. It has three primary solutions RMail e-security, RSign eSignature and Registered eCompliance. In addition to that, it has two other products, RDocs and RForms. There is also a developer API that allows customers to embed and automate its solutions into their workflow.

RMail – Protects email and does everything from encryption to eavesdropping protection. RPost says the latter enables organisations to identify Business Email Compromise attacks. RMail monitors emails as part of a data loss prevention capability that helps educate users on how to treat different types of emails. The company also says it has AI-infused e-security that automates security around emails.

RSign – The ability to eSign documents is increasingly important as people continue to work remotely. The RSign eSign platform has been around for 20 years and is designed to make signing documents simple. The company says it meets strict eSign laws and privacy requirements and is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, E-IDAS, UETA and other regulations.

Registered – A proof of delivery product that is accepted by courts in over 190 countries. It also has an encryption capability that can provide a forensic record for every message sent.

RDocs – An EDRM product allowing users to protect and track documents. It also enables access to be restricted by person and location. Should there be a problem with a protected file attachment, it can be remotely deleted and set to self-destruct.

RForms – A form creator that can be used to generate on-demand web forms such as those required for Subject Matter Access requests. Forms can also be set to require eSigning, and the data can be automatically collected and stored in a database.

API – There is a set of APIs for each of the products that RPost sells and for additional functionality. They can be used by developers to embed functionality from RPost apps into websites and other applications.

What do X-OD platform users gain?

Exclusive Networks says, “Our MSP partners everywhere with the latest AI-security-centric tools from RPost. We believe this will bring immense value to our partners and help their customers in navigating the digital world more securely and efficiently.”

It believes that the products will also deliver greater services and bring higher margins for VARs and MSPs. In effect, it sees this as a major boost to the platform. What it doesn’t say is how it sees X-OD customers selling the RPost products. Will they act as resellers or build new solutions around them? Who will provide support for the products, RPost, Exclusive Networks or the VARs and MSPs that are selling them?

How many Exclusive Networks partners will look at RPost products and then go on to become RPost partners? RPost already has a solid partner community, and this could be a quick way of extending that.

However, It won’t want to be seen by those partners as taking on support for VARs and MSPs in the X-OD community at the expense of its own partners. They have invested in the RPost products and will want to be assured that X-OD partners are doing the same when selling RPost products.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This is a deal that seems to heavily benefit Exclusive Networks and its X-OD platform over RPost. RPost brings an extensive set of tools and APIs delivering new functionality that MSPs and VARs can capitalise on. RPost is getting wider exposure, but will it be enough to offset a potentially higher support load and the associated costs?

Another question that we won’t know about for a while is how much value will these new sellers add to the RPost ecosystem. Will they deliver new integrations? Will they build new applications using the RPost functionality and APIs?


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