boiler-FSM Image credit Pixabay/PaolobrosToolTime, a job management software vendor targeting sole tradespeople, has launched in the UK. The app, which, first launched in Germany in 2018, aims to help sole traders in the home services sector. This is just the latest specialist application to hit the market. Where the latest generation of tradespeople expect to be able to use their mobile to help run their run their business.

There are other applications out there, such as Workwave, Simpro and Jobber. There are also accounting solutions that aim for the sole trader, such as FreeAgent, Zoho Books and Sage. ToolTime hopes to make a difference as it brings operational efficiency for sole traders.

Where ToolTime seems to differentiate is that it provides every tool that a tradesperson will need to make their job more efficient. What seems lacking, however, is the integration into a Payments portal or an accounting system. ToolTime allows users to export invoices at the end of the month for a bookkeeper to manage the financial aspects of the business.

For German and Austrian companies, ToolTime integrates with Datev reporting. For the UK, the announcement indicates that it is “configured for the UK tax system to allow financial information to be easily exported for hassle-free tax returns.”

ToolTime targets a wide mix of industries including: Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Electrical Decorating, Gardening, Carpenters, Flooring, Locksmiths, Cleaner, and various building trades.

International growth, first Austria, now the UK

ToolTime has already made a difference for many sole traders, with over 10,000 users across Germany and now Austria, where it also has a presence. So why are they launching in the UK?

Marius Stäcker, ToolTime CEO
Marius Stäcker, ToolTime CEO

Marius Stäcker, ToolTime CEO and Co-Founder says, “ToolTime research has found that the 150,000 companies in the finishing trades across the UK still rely on pen and paper or basic computer software such as Word and Excel to run their businesses. Clearly there is an opportunity for increased digitisation to bring an end to paperwork chaos, enhance efficiency and customer service, and save time. Having made ToolTime the standard for digital business management in Germany, it is our mission to simplify the work of home service industry businesses across the UK.”

This is where ToolTime is proven to help. It has already saved tradespeople an estimated 30% of the time with a mix of features on its web-based and supporting the mobile application.

What does ToolTime do

The ToolTime application contains a mix of functionality that allows tradespeople to track all their work. With the mobile application it gives instant access to the tool that ensures that as they complete a job. They can invoice immediately without having to return home and complete more paperwork.

Quotes & Invoices

Users can create quotes quickly and then, once the job is completed, raise an invoice. A dashboard allows the user to view paid and unpaid invoices. There is some flexibility in how users can raise invoices, and the details of what legislation is supported are a bit unclear. For example, does it support construction legislation?


Once jobs are lined up, one of the biggest headaches is around job planning and scheduling. ToolTime enables users to keep track of deadlines and locations and manage the scheduling of employees. The mobile application also supports time tracking. Here users can record how long they spend on each job to ensure invoices are accurate. There is simple resource management functionality enabling business owners to allocate tasks to employees.

A map view enables route planning, though this appears to be manual. The job information also supports materials requirements so employees understand what the job is, where it is and what they are required to complete before setting off. The solution also includes SMS confirmation of jobs.


Project documentation is rarely found in accounting systems, but ToolTime takes information from the quotations and adds it to the job, whether that is photos, designs or other. On the job, engineers can record voice notes, take photos and generate work slips to gain a customer’s signature once the work is completed. Angelika Buntrock, from the Electrical engineering firm Hürth, noted, “With ToolTime, there is significantly less paper, and the time savings are between 1-2 hours per day.”

Time Tracking

The Time tracking application not only manages working time for jobs, but it also extends to managing the simple HR requirements for staff, such as absences and vacations. This enables the administrators to keep an accurate track electronically of both employee time off and the hours worked on every job in near real-time. It gives visibility to business owners no matter where they are located because the data is held in the cloud and available from anywhere.

Mobile App

The mobile app contains all the functionality that tradespeople and their employees need. Whether that is the daily schedules, the route to their next job or documentation about the next task. Once at a job, they can record progress and provide visual evidence of work done for bosses or to resolve customer disputes.

With reliability and timekeeping featuring highly in customer expectations according to consumer research conducted for ToolTime by Opinium. ToolTime’s appointment scheduling, free customer SMS confirmation service and map-based appointment visibility for easy operational planning can all help to ensure timeliness on the job and clear customer communications. Meanwhile, job time tracking and documentation, and the ability to link these to quote and invoice creation, ensure transparency, professionalism and much quicker paperwork processes.

The important stuff

ToolTime is available for £59 per month (£54 per month if purchased for 12 months) and £29 per month for a mobile application license. The solution works on both Windows and Mac, and the mobile application supports Android and iOS.

In Germany, ToolTime has a partnership with Vaillant, a leading manufacturer of boilers, heat pumps & heating systems. It isn’t clear if this partnership extends to the UK yet. Or whether TootlTime is hoping to add partnerships with other manufacturers.

Stefan Raabe, Head of the Vaillant Excellence Partner specialist partner program at Vaillant Germany, said (in March 2022), “It is extremely important for all entrepreneurs in the trades that their human resources are used as efficiently as possible. Digital and efficient processes are the basis for this. Above all, the partnership shows that there is a jointly formulated idea of ​​what the digitalization process in the craft sector should look like.”

What do customers think?

ToolTime has several positive customer reviews and a few constructive ones that the firm has responded to when suggestions for improvements are made. This is refreshing and shows that ToolTime is listening to its customer feedback.

One of the most in-depth reviews available says,

“We were looking for software for a long time, and with ToolTime, we found exactly the right thing for us. The training is very detailed and extensive. Customer service afterwards is free, and the employees are very helpful and quick if you have any problems. The software is really easy to understand and easy to use for everyone. Invoices can be created automatically from offers, and you always have an overview of your sales. 

“Employees can be added and removed quickly and easily. For each customer, everything can be fully documented in one place (projects, appointments, offers, invoices, documents and photos) and viewed in real-time. The calendar helps to plan appointments, and you are informed in the event of conflicts. I can create appointments and send them directly to my employees’ cell phones with important information about the orders! 

“Material entries are saved automatically and can then be used as a template. Since the software is cloud-based, I can access everything from home. The software is also constantly being developed. There are regularly new functions that can be used at no extra charge. Overall, we are more than satisfied with the program and will not use anything else. The price-performance ratio is simply right here. So if you want to get started quickly and say goodbye to a lot of bureaucratic effort, ToolTime is the right choice!”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

ToolTime offers a productivity improvement in a comprehensive way that talks the language of work rather than finance. While businesses may still need an accounting function, it is a miss that no integrations for accounting solutions in the UK are listed.  However, this is not the focus for ToolTime. What it appears to deliver is a suite of functions that meets the requirements of the day-to-day operations.

It will be interesting to see how ToolTime develops functionality for the UK market. The company is already successful in Germany and Austria and is now backed by the funds it raised in June. Wisag invested €30 million, bringing the total raised by the firm to €55 million. The UK is the second international market it has launched into. Is this a stepping stone for the US?


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