BATM Advanced Communications Limited has received a $3 million cyber security order. According to the company, delivery will be completed within six months. The customer, who the company has not named, is a government defense department.

Moti Nagar, Chief Executive Officer of BATM (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Moti Nagar, Chief Executive Officer of BATM

Moti Nagar, Chief Executive Officer of BATM, said: “We are pleased to be awarded another significant order for our cyber security solution, which brings the total amount of cyber orders received this year to over $32m. As we ramp up delivery under our existing orders and continue to receive new orders for our best-in-class cyber solution, we remain very confident in the prospects for this business and we look forward to reporting further progress.”

Who is BATM?

BATM describes itself as, “a leading provider of real-time technologies for networking and cyber security solutions and for bio-medical and bio-waste treatment solutions via its two operating divisions.”

The networking and cyber security solutions are focused on telecom network solutions, “with a focus on advanced software and cyber security, mainly targeting Tier 1 businesses and governments worldwide.” The company offers these under its Telco Systems brand. It lists telco providers such as Telefonica, Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Time Warner Cable, Nokia and others as customers.

It also has a separate brand for its cyber security products, Celare Secured Networks. Its focus is on network switching and routing equipment.

Enterprise Times: Why does this matter?

To many, a $3 million order might not seem much, especially in terms of government contracts. However, this is not an isolated order for this customer. It is an ongoing order and comes at a time when governments have seen attacks on the telecom and network infrastructures soar.

BATM has not commented on the client or on the specifics of the order, which makes sense. However, that it is an ongoing customer will help it attract other key government departments.


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