SysTrack Resolve (c) 2023 Lakeside SoftwareGenerative AI product enhancements are all the rage. Lakeside Software is the latest vendor to announce enhancements to their solution powered by generative AI. SysTrack is a cloud-native digital experience that assists organisations in delivering the best possible digital employee experience wherever their employees are working.

The latest release, 10.10, includes generative AI features that simplify many of the challenges that both end users and IT teams face. The new features can assist with accelerated issue resolution, self-service, and improve proactive IT.

David Keil, CEO of Lakeside Software
David Keil, CEO of Lakeside Software

David Keil, CEO of Lakeside Software, commented, “Today’s AI-driven world is built on data, and Lakeside is poised to take advantage of these emerging technologies with our breadth, depth, and retention of end-point data.

“Our solution goes beyond conventions, bridging human knowledge gaps with holistic end-point data and the expansive knowledge from the web and other common sources. It represents a major step in delivering proactive and efficient IT support to enterprises at scale.”

Version 10.10

The new version includes generative AI features in beta. The new generative AI features are included in Resolve, Sensor Management and Proactive IT. SysTrack now leverages the power of LLMs, leveraging the vast amount of data that is generated from Lakeside’s intelligent Edge and the history behind how incidents were previously solved.

SysTrack can now guide users on how to solve IT challenges, interacting dynamically with the IT team as events unfold and information is clarified.

Through integrations with other providers such as MOveworks, SysTrack will deploy proactive alerts via Microsoft Teams, Slack or other applications. However, these are not named by Lakeside Software.

The generative AI also helps to power a self-service capability that allows end users to ask conversational questions and recently automated answers. The Lakeside SysTrack platform offers one of the most comprehensive DEX integrations with Moveworks, the leading AI copilot platform for the enterprise.

There are several other enhancements with this release, including the ability to search for a Sensor by name or category, with an intuitive type ahead search capability. The UI for managing users and permission groups is greatly improved with better search and sorting capabilities. Tenants enabled for SSO SAML can sync SysTrack permission groups with their directory groups. There are several other changes with this release.

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As IT Teams look to improve the digital experience of their user base, these new features within SysTrack should make that task easier. Self-service and the capability to find solutions to issues faster or even proactively identify the problem before a major failure is invaluable.

Generative AI is making a difference across several sectors, and with this update, Lakeside Software has delivered something that its users should find useful. There is, however, very little in the announcement or the release notes about the details of what the generative AI capabilities are in detail. There is nothing around compliance, either. It will be interesting to see more details of these capabilities as the beta phase completes and before general availability.


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