CompTIA is one of, if not the largest, technology training associations. It has led the industry with many of its training certifications for decades and continues to do so. But as the world changes, so do demands on training and the need for updated and new courses. It is not just businesses asking for better training but also professional bodies and regulators.

At the recent CompTIA conference in London, Enterprise Times talked with Jason Moss, Senior VP of EMEA at CompTIA and Zeshan Sattar, Senior Director for Learning and Skills at CompTIA. One of the topics was the changing demand for training and how you make sure your training is relevant. For CompTIA, that means working with its membership.

Zeshan Sattar, Senior Director for Learning and Skills, CompTIA (Image Credit: CompTIA)
Zeshan Sattar, Senior Director for Learning and Skills, CompTIA

It enables CompTIA to keep in touch with demand. Sattar says, “We get subject matter experts from across the industry and get their insight to say, where is this industry heading? Where is this particular job role heading? And what are the skills and knowledge to get to them?”

But what about retraining staff? AI and automation are massively disrupting mundane job tasks. But what do we do with employees who do those tasks? Common sense says we retrain and reskill them yet, as Moss points out, organisations are letting people with knowledge of the business leave instead of reskilling them for higher-paid jobs.

Jason Moss Senior VP EMEA, CompTIA (Image Credit: CompTIA)
Jason Moss Senior VP EMEA, CompTIA

Moss said, “One of the messages I’ve always drummed for the last four or five years at least has been how do we recertify those people? How do we reskill those people? I remember a saying from PWC – we can’t protect jobs, but we can protect people.”

We also talked about the challenge of breaking down barriers, including cultural barriers, when getting people into training. To hear what was said, listen to the podcast.

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