Plumber Field Service FSM, Image by Raman Kumar from PixabayCommusoft has further enhanced its solutions for field service and trade organisation. The recent update includes several new features that enable customer self-service. The update includes three new features.

Commusoft customers can now personalise the self-service journey for customers with branding and customisation that enables them to deliver a unique and consistent experience. This allows trade organisations to deliver an experience better aligned with their values and ethos.

Commusoft has created three new self-service customer journeys that enable field service companies to deliver a better experience.

  • Statement of accounts and outstanding invoices emailed to customers with payment online options
  • Online rebooking options for customers
  • Payment on-site capabilities via a QR code for credit card and instant banking
Jason Morjaria, CEO of Commusoft
Jason Morjaria, CEO of Commusoft

Jason Morjaria, CEO of Commusoft, commented, “Self-service is vital to building a profitable, scalable business. It not only lets customers interact with your business when convenient to them but alleviates the burden on your office team. If you’re looking for ways to scale your business up, such as hiring more engineers and providing a better quality experience to your customers without adding to your overheads – in that case, you need to focus on your customer journeys.”

New GoCardless integration

The third enhancement is a partnership and integration with GoCardless. The first phase of the integration will enable Commusoft customers, such as plumbing, fire and security, renewables and electrical, to use the GoCardless Instant Bank Pay. Over time, the companies plan to add further functionality with field service companies able to collect both one-off and recurring payments directly through one provider, all within the Commusoft platform. There are other benefits that field service firms will gain, such as instant banking and reduced fees for larger jobs/payments.

Seb Hempstead, VP of Partnerships at GoCardless, said: “It’s great to see Commusoft adopt Instant Bank Pay to help their customers save money by moving away from expensive card payments. We’re excited to provide account-to-account payments directly on its platform, making it easy for trade companies to get paid in a faster, safer and more cost-effective way.”

Morjaria added, “By partnering with GoCardless, we can offer trade companies the convenience of instant payments without the high fees of other payment methods. This means merchants can keep more of their hard-earned money, not to mention reduce the stress of chasing payments. Cutting costs is especially important in today’s economy, and we are proud to provide our customers more affordable payments through GoCardless.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Administration is an onerous burden for many trade and field service businesses. Bringing automation and self-service features to customers reduces errors, improves security and helps build trust. The new personalisation options enable smaller businesses to appear more professional. It also improves the customer experience, making the technical experience as friendly as the delivered physical service.

It also removes some of the burden of administration. Office staff will now spend less time contacting and talking to customers to make payments and instead can spend more time on value-added and business growth tasks.

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