Lupins June Image by Nicky ❤️🌿🐞🌿❤️ from PixabayLast week Unit4 announced that the City of Nanaimo had selected its ERP and Talent Management solutions in a competitive bid that saw it replace SAP. IFS made another acquisition, this time buying Poka, a workforce management solution for manufacturing firms.

Unanet announced the next evolution of Unanet Pay, the Unanet Accounts Receivable Automation solution. Oracle added an EU sovereign cloud and promised that Oracle Fusion and (presumably) NetSuite would be available within it.

Pick of the week

Sage called upon the government to grasp the UK’s opportunity to be an advanced digital economy and address flatlining productivity. It published a blueprint containing policy proposals to prevent the UK from falling further behind other nations. It calls for investment in AI and other technology.

Steve Hare, CEO of Sage, said, “SMBs are ready to embrace the power of technology to grow their businesses. We welcome plans for the Global Summit on AI, and encourage government to set out an ambitious and joined up approach to digitalise the economy so all UK businesses can benefit from technology.

“As the UK government strives to be a tech superpower, meet net-zero targets, and enable home-grown businesses to compete internationally, it is essential SMBs are supported on this journey. Our Blueprint offers an achievable plan to help deliver this.”

Darren Jones MP, Chair of the Business and Trade Committee, said, As technology continues to evolve rapidly, Sage’s Blueprint for Digital-led Growth reminds us of the need to empower SMBs to adopt digital tools.

“With signs of business investment beginning to slow down, the Government must act to incentivise the adoption of productivity-enhancing technology, ensuring that the UK remains competitive and accelerates economic growth.”

The report proposes the following measures:

  • Replacing Help to Grow: Digital, with a Small Business Digital Growth Fund to incentivise investment in productivity-enhancing technology.
  • Following countries in Europe, Asia and South America by requiring the use of internationally accepted e-invoicing standards, to dramatically speed up billing and payment automation.
  • Giving SMBs smarter access to their data held by third parties, for example, credit agencies, to understand loan decisions.
  • Making it much faster and simpler for SMBs to identify themselves with portable digital business IDs.
  • Enabling SMBs to take climate action by simplifying ESG reporting for SMBs.
  • Playing a leading role in ensuring that AI regulation does not become overly complex so SMBs can safely adopt cutting-edge technologies.


FreshBooks announced that Leslie Witt, Chief Product and Design Officer at Headspace Health, and John Davison, recently retired President and CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, have joined its Board of Directors. Davison is also Chair of FreshBooks’ audit committee.


Intuit announced its commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its value chain by FY2040. This target has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The commitment is in line with the Paris Climate Accords, an international treaty on climate change to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and to achieve net-zero global emissions before 2050.

Rimini Street advised that licensees running pre-19c releases of Oracle Database, who no longer receive Oracle Premier Support can continue using their current Oracle Database release for up to an additional 15 years without required upgrades by switching to premium Rimini Support. It revealed that Oracle has downgraded all Oracle Database releases earlier than 19c to Sustaining Support status. Furthermore, Oracle Premier Support for 19c and 21c releases is scheduled to end in April 2024.

Workday announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Samsung SDS, the leading system integrator and cloud-based HR technology and service provider in South Korea.


AJ Foyt Racing has selected IFS as their strategic technology partner for 2023, 2024 and 2025 IndyCar Racing seasons with options for extension. AJ Foyt Racing will also leverage IFS Ultimo for Parts Management, Parts Lifing and Maintenance.

The University of Maine in Orono has decided to implement Infor Point of Sale (POS). The University of Maine and UMaine Dining are committed to bringing excellence and value to campus.

Infor announced Bozeman Health’s success with its healthcare-specific artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain (SCM), and analytics solutions. By partnering with Infor, Bozeman has successfully integrated AI into key processes so that the organization has the tools to be more efficient and accurate in meeting demands and make smarter decisions for supply, vendor and warehouse management.

The Town of Apex, a municipality in Wake County, North Carolina, has elected to implement Infor’s cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in partnership with RPI Consultants. With RPI leading the Infor Government Essentials implementation, Apex can work through a single provider and operate more efficiently.

The Heart of Europe resort on Dubai World Islands is raising the bar for guest experience at its upscale Monaco Hotel using Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) and Infor Sales & Event Management software.

NetSuite published a blog detailing how Crossroads Health, a non-profit healthcare provider in Northeast Ohio, uses Oracle NetSuite and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting to support its growth.

VAI released new testimonials from its ongoing collaboration with Morton Wholesale, an independent distributor of food and beverage products. It follows the company’s VAI S2K Enterprise for Food software implementation. The solution offers all necessary resources for managing a business’s costs, adhering to food safety guidelines, and improving productivity, visibility, and quality throughout the organization.


Myfactory, a Forterro company, announced the release of version 7.3 of its ERP. There are updates to process control, invoicing and security.

Simpro announced product updates for Simpro Premium (23.2.6), Simpro Data Feed (3.0) and Simpro Mobile (10.9).

ERP news from the week beginning 12th June 2023



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