Recruitment outsourcing: solutions for your business - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Whether you’re a big or small company, if you ever needed new members in your staff, you’ve probably wondered at some point whether you should outsource your recruiting.

You probably thought about it because you didn’t have enough time to be able to do your recruitment or because you didn’t have internal applications. But is outsourcing recruitment the right decision?

In this article, you will learn the different ways of recruitment process outsourcing examples:

  • Why you may need to outsource recruiting
  • The different ways of outsourcing recruitment,
  • How can you outsource it
  • The benefits outsourcing recruitment can deliver

What is recruiting?

Deciding on opening the HR department, you’ve probably thought about or have to deal with outsourcing your recruiting. But what is outsourcing?

Outsourcing: Definition

Outsourcing involves transferring activities from the company to a specialized external service provider. In the case of human resources, it is certain services or activities. Payroll is often outsourced as it is more efficient, and the expertise and resource may not be available inside the organization. Recruitment is another function that is suitable for outsourcing.


You are the manager of a small company and are responsible for ensuring all your employees and yourself are paid on time and accurately. However, your organization is small, so you do not have a payroll team. You cannot afford to hire a payroll expert as a full-time employee, and hiring someone part-time is impossible. Instead, as with most SMEs, you hire an external service provider, possibly an accountant, to provide the expert service at a reasonable cost.

Where payroll requires expertise, recruiting staff is demanding and time-consuming. You can define your requirements, but identifying the right person to join your firm takes time you just don’t have. You would have to find where to look for candidates, whether that is job boards, resume libraries, etc. Instead, you can turn to a specialized recruitment agency that can take care of finding your future employee for you.

With payroll, you will still retain control of the financial transfers. And just like that, with outsourced recruitment, you still be able to interview and select from a short list of suitable candidates.

What exactly does recruitment outsourcing mean?

As we’ve mentioned above, outsourcing means turning to an external provider to cover some kind of service. That is, recruitment outsourcing company will take care of your hiring process, from posting ads on relevant resources to hiring people and closing the position.

The main goal of such a practice is to increase the effectiveness of internal processes and save time by focusing on essential business tasks. As for terms of the outsourcing agreement, it can be project-based or a long-time arrangement, and also be either full (covering every aspect) or partial (covering some of the aspects — placing ads, screening, interviewing, etc.)

Is an outsourcing recruitment process suitable for my business?

Yes, there is a good chance. The outsourcing recruitment process is aimed at all types and sizes of companies, from startups to large structures, as well as all sectors of activity. On the other hand, the needs will differ, and the service offering is adaptable.

The outsourcing recruitment process is especially suitable in four use cases:

  • There is a significant volume of vacancies but not the internal resources to process them.
  • Some specific roles or profiles are difficult to recruit for, especially when there is a shortage in the market. The company then focuses its internal resources on ” easier ” profiles to recruit.
  • For startups, an outsourcing recruitment process consultant accompanies the company’s structuring and growth, helping it identify needs and set up tools and processes for recruitment and adaptation.
  • In larger companies, the outsourcing recruitment process recruiter will be used when the scope of the position is large or for certain profiles (executives, commercial or IT, for example).

Outsourcing recruitment process is a cost-effective practice

Improve the quality of your recruitment

Outsourcing allows organizations to expand their search channels and have a proactive pool of candidates! It is also a great talent-spotting opportunity thanks to the support of expert labour market professionals to find candidates that suit you.

Save flexibility and time

Recruitment outsourcing allows you to focus your employees on other strategic tasks! This will undoubtedly improve the flexibility of the teams, who will be able to take advantage of this time-saving for other tasks. It also guarantees expert professionals’ full commitment to your recruitment process, saving real time in managing profiles and applications!

Reduce recruitment costs

Do you know? According to the Brand Hall Group, 95% of companies have a failed recruitment. If you calculate costs per hire, losing profit while onboarding and training new employees, and even stress to other staff members (which can negatively affect their productivity), the loss will be around 30% of the employee’s yearly salary. And that’s what you lose if they decide to leave. So it is vital that you make the right choice of candidates for selection! Contrary to what you might think, using an external provider can be less expensive than doing your recruitment. Costs vary and depend mainly on the nature of the service you need!

Promote the employer brand

Outsourced recruiting can certainly allow you to have qualified profiles. First, this allows you to have professionals on your team, which is already a huge benefit. But secondly, you can present your business as a company with top talents, no matter the niche, and, therefore, build a better brand image.

Keeping up with the evolution of recruitment

We know this all too well, the world of recruiting is digitizing, and the use of technology is increasing! Using a service provider to outsource your recruitment that is at the forefront of recruitment technology is an advantage that cannot be denied!

Starting with the observation that recruitment outsourcing can be beneficial for all companies and adaptable to any budget, this practice can be more than cost-effective! Therefore, before properly outsourcing your recruitment, it is important to learn about the choice of supplier, the benefits, and the services offered by the recruitment agency or facilitator. To avoid disagreements, have a good relationship with the professional in charge of the process. Find one who is best suited to your needs!

Outsourcing Recruitment — Investment For the Future

As you can see, outsourcing the recruitment process brings many benefits. First, this service provides personalized support and saves valuable time. A recruitment consultant has access to more resources, which increases the chances of finding the right employee. It exposes your employer brand to candidates and tests their soft skills to ensure the right fit. And even though using a recruitment specialist may seem relatively expensive, outsourcing the recruitment process is a good investment for the company in the medium to long term. For outsourcing your recruitment process to be a real success, you must first find the perfect partner. In this, we strongly advise you to go through Alcor, a digital platform specializing in recruitment outsourcing.

AlcorAlcor is an international recruitment service provider focusing exclusively on tech positions for IT product companies. We can assist you in setting up your own remote development team in Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries.


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