SALESmanago (Credit image/Pixabay/Alexandre FULCONIS)Research from SALESmanago suggests 64% of eCommerce marketers have not measured their customer engagement processes in the past month. Nearly one fifth (17%) have never measured them at all. The new data comes from SALESmanago’s, Customer Engagement Platform. The company surveyed 250 eCommerce marketers across Europe to determine whether the measurement of customer engagement elements is being neglected. Worryingly, almost half (48%) don’t think customer engagement metrics are important.

Key findings from data:

The survey asked what the main barrier to monitoring and understanding success metrics.

  • A lack of internal resources was identified as the biggest hurdle (24%).
  • This was closely followed by a reluctance and lack of understanding from seniors (21%).
  • A lack of internal processes to measure customer engagement (20%). Over a third (35%) think they need to improve the way they measure customer engagement and loyalty.
  • The findings revealed that Customer Intimacy and how building long-term personal relationships with customers was the most measured customer engagement element (41%).
  • However, convenience, which refers to how well brands engage with customers at optimal times, was the least measured element (37%).

When asked what aspects of customer engagement were the most difficult to measure, convenience (24%), data insights (22%). Customer Intimacy (22%) was also identified as one of the most challenging issues for brands and retailers.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Ian MacLeod)
Ian MacLeod, CMO at SALESmanago

Ian MacLeod, CMO at SALESmanago said, “There’s a real opportunity for the eCommerce industry to get to know their customers. With a wealth of data at their fingertips, brands should be building authentic and lasting relationships. Marketers are not leveraging insights to their full potential, which is a real problem. Neglecting to measure your customer engagement processes on a continual basis means brands are approaching their marketing tactics blindly. Especially with tough times and customer loyalty at its most fragile, marketing teams need to be optimising all the information they have to hand and prioritise Intimacy. Those who do will be the winners of this competitive landscape.”

Leaner times for marketing

Last November, SALESmanago released data which indicated 74% of CMOs have either seen, or are facing, cuts to marketing budgets. The data again came from customer engagement Platform SALESmanago’s customer engagement platform. SALESmanago surveyed 250 UK CMOs to explore whether needed to take a leaner approach as the country heads into recession.

The findings revealed that despite the lessons of previous recessions, 40% of respondents said they still struggle to prove the ROI of marketing to the CEO. Furthermore, 63% think marketing could be leaner (more optimised). A worrying prospect when – 42% of marketers think customer loyalty will drop in the next 12 months.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

SALESmanago always undertakes interesting research derived from its customer data. The major headline from the data is that more than half of marketers say measuring customer engagement metrics are important. However, marketers lack the resources to measure them regularly.

In the ever-competitive eCommerce world, enterprises must embrace all the tools necessary to encourage customers to buy from your business. This process is called a conversion, and it’s just about the most important metric organisations need to watch to build the business and increase revenue. Conversion directly relates to having an in-depth understanding of customers and increasing and measuring customer engagement.

Ian MacLeod, SALESmanago’s CMO calls for marketers to show customers some love this Valentine’s Day. However, what they really need to do is harness the tools that enable enterprises to fine-tune and improve eCommerce KPI. Such KPI should drive the relationship building with customers right through to the checkout and final delivery to the doorstep. As with all marketing metrics, including customer engagement and conversion rate is something enterprises can — and should — work on.


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