Digital Transformation is more partnership than technology - Image by mohamed Hassan on PixabayAfter raising $65 million in its Series B funding round, French-based Pigment has launched a partner program in EMEA for its business planning and forecasting solution. This follows the focus on the US earlier this year, where the company expanded rapidly. It is now looking to extend its partner network in Europe, expanding its presence in France and the UK.

Pigment already has several European partners, including:

(Correction – the Statera original mentioned was the incorrect one)

It also claims Addsustain as a partner. However, no record of this company could be found on LinkedIn.

Clarification from Pigment:

“Addsustain is not on LinkedIn because it is a new entity of Atkan, dedicated to Pigment.”

Pigment is looking to add to this list, bringing business planning subject matter experts to help sell the different Pigment solutions and revolutionise the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) market with its innovative solutions. Within the press release, Pigment specifically calls out looking for UK partners. It already has a presence in the UK but has few, if any, partners.

The Pigment partner ecosystem is made of business planning subject matter experts bringing innovative solutions and services to customers looking to have more agile, collaborative and integrated planning processes.

Eléonore Crespo, co-founder and co-CEO of Pigment
Eléonore Crespo, co-founder and co-CEO of Pigment

Pigment’s co-founder and co-CEO, Eléonore Crespo, commented, “In today’s environment, companies are seeking integrated business planning and forecasting solutions to help them navigate these uncertain times. Pigment offers flexibility and decision-making support thanks to a modern yet powerful planning platform.

“We’re already addressing the accelerated demand for Pigment with the best planning and digital transformation consulting firms in our ecosystem. Following the launch of our online Academy and Community, the partner program will augment the solutions we provide to our customers. We look forward to supporting even more companies as they build their entire planning lifecycle on Pigment, with our partners.”

What is the partner program

Pigment has provided few details about what the partner program offers organisations. Its website states three reasons why companies would want to become one.

  • ‍Becoming a Pigment Partner ensures you can place a leading, next-generation business planning solution, in the hands of your customers.
  • Pigment is answering the urgent call from the market to bring the power of decision-making back to the business. Join the movement.
  • The Pigment Partner Program (3P) allows you to help customers through successful deployments, innovative adoption tactics, and advanced subject matter expertise.

It wants partners to prioritise quality over quantity and is looking for subject matter experts rather than resellers. It expects partners to deliver successful deployments with innovative solutions that deliver competitive advantages to their customers.

The expanded partner network has already enabled Pigment to reduce implementation times, presumably through sharing best practices. It may just mean that it now has more resources available to attack a backlog of deployments. If there is a backlog, this should help it attract new partners, with the understanding that Pigment can sell its solutions faster than it can deploy them.

Interested organisations can apply for the EMEA partner program on the partner application page, though as this article was being drafted, the application form did not seem to be available.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Pigment is a fast-growing disruptor in the EPM market. With backing from its new investors, IVP and Meritech Capital, it is looking to expand its presence through a partner-driven strategy. This is a sensible approach as it reduces its own risk of over-expanding its employee base as the world edges towards recession.

For IT consultancies with expertise in this area, it provides an opportunity to get in at the start of what could be meteoric growth. As a new partner willing to invest time and resources into the Pigment ecosystem, it could boost their revenues and growth, either replacing those from a tiring legacy solution or just boosting existing revenues and providing customers with a choice.


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