NewFields - Image by jplenio from Pixabay Newfields, the environmental, engineering and construction management consulting firm, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has ditched its old ERP after only nine years. In its stead, it selected Unanet AE ERP. Founded in 1995, NewFields has grown significantly and now has 350 employees across nineteen offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. It changed its ERP as the legacy solution did not scale with it.

Eric Salnas, Chief Financial Officer, NewFields, explained saying, “Our legacy technology restricted us, so we operated in a siloed fashion, generating ten different reports for ten different offices, and it was impossible to get a holistic view of the business. With Unanet, we’ll eliminate that issue and be able to be more proactive and data-driven in our business and make decisions that support our strategic vision for growth, talent management and efficiency.”

When Newfields reviewed the market, it was attracted to Unanet AE ERP because of its industry alignment and flexibility. The Unanet team was able to demonstrate that the solution could resolve the NewFields billing challenges. Unanet did so under the pressure of the final interview. It was also achieved without having to force changes on the NewFields processes to align to its solution.

Another factor was Unanet’s integration ability. The initial integration is with SAP Concur, the NewFields expense management solution. The inference is more will follow.

Salnas added, “Unanet is truly engaged and committed to us and our business. We don’t feel like a ticket number but instead a true partner. We get their full attention, and they bring creativity, technological innovation and a superior product to the table.”

The project

NewsFields expects the implementation project to complete in Fall 2021, both for the headquarters and local offices. Salnas is expecting a major impact on the organisation from deploying a single cloud-based ERP solution across the business. He commented, “From Day One, we’ve told people they are going to finally be able to access their own data, that they can add a PO, update their budgets, or run a dashboard entirely on their own, and they’re thrilled about that.

“Our headquarter office can add much more value to the firm beyond running reports and editing documents.  Unanet gives us the opportunity to serve differently, helping our local offices execute projects, win more business, and be more profitable.”

There is a sense of excitement around the new solution within the firm, according to Salnas, especially around data transparency. Salnas added, “People see how data is going to be easier to find and they’re fired up about that. It’s harmony.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Matt Pantana, senior vice president, A/E products
Matt Pantana, senior vice president, A/E products

This is a solid win for Unanet. One it will hope becomes a customer advocate demonstrating the benefits delivered in a quantifiable manner.

Matt Pantana, senior vice president, A/E products, commented, “NewFields has demonstrated outstanding customer service, growth and market leadership since it’s been in business, and we are honored to work with them as they implement their strategic vision. Forward-thinking companies like NewFields prefer to work with Unanet because we’re a combination of technology, service and culture.”


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