Rimini Street has announced that it will deliver Oracle Database support to EC21, a leading export marketing and trade consulting firm in Korea. Founded in 2000 EC21, has leveraged its Oracle database since inception. It now contains more than 11 million records and the costs of maintaining it were high. The challenge of migrating to an alternate database proved too expensive a project and too great a risk. It also has a working solution that is stable and reliable.

Hak-joon Lee, Senior Research Associate, New Commerce Team, New Business Division, EC21 picks up the story saying: “We use Oracle Database as our core system for managing critically important data. However, the cost of maintaining this platform with Oracle was quite steep. Compared with the money we were spending, the service we received in return was very limited, the ROI was extremely low, and there appeared to be few options available from the vendor. As a result, we selected Rimini Street’s comprehensive support for our existing software release and to avoid unnecessary upgrades for at least 15 years. Rimini Street provides us huge value and an outstanding solution which we can trust.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Rimini Street continues to expand and deliver success across the globe. Other global support companies such as Support Revolution and Spinnaker are looking to challenge them though. This would not have been one of Rimini Streets largest contracts as it only includes database maintenance. However, as it saved 75% from the budget line for EC21 it was significant for that organisation. Others in South Korea, and beyond, will notice the potential savings. This may help Rimini Street (and others) expansion if they can persuade others to follow suit.


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