Puzzle Jigsaw Image credit Pixabay/QuincemediaIvanti has announced an integration for Ivanti Service Manager product to Zapier. This will enable customers to add connections to more than 1,000 apps through Zapier to Service Manager. These include Trello, GitHub, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon CloudWatch Alarm, Atlassian Jira and many more. The initial integrations include triggers (outbound) and actions (inbound) but do not yet include searches.

Zapier has already created ten zaps for users to take advantage of:

  • Create Trello cards from new Ivanti Service Manager Incidents
  • Create GitHub issues for new incidents on Ivanti Service Manager
  • Create JIRA issues from new incidents in Ivanti Service Manager
  • Create features on Aha! From new incidents on Ivanti Service Manager
  • Create Ivanti Service manager Incidents from New Relic alerts
  • Create incidents on Ivanti Service Manager when new FireText SMS are received
  • Post New Ivanti Service Manager Incidents to Slack
  • Convert new Gmail messages to Ivanti Service Manager Incidents
  • Create Ivanti Service manager Incidents for new rows added to Excel
  • Create Ivanti Service Manager incidents for new rows added to Google Sheets.

Ian Aitchison, Senior Product Director, Ivanti commented: “We continue to expand the automation and integration of Ivanti Service Manager, making tedious, repetitive tasks easier to perform and manage. By integrating with Zapier our customers can now expand the workflow of Ivanti Service Manager by seamlessly connecting to the cloud-based apps they like to use.”

What does this mean

For Ivanti users this means a choice of integrations for solutions that they may already be using. Ivanti could have chosen to have a deeper integration to individual applications. In taking this initial route they have allowed their customers to select which applications they wish to use. In time, if they determine that customers are using a few specific applications they can choose to implement deeper integrations.

Zapier has two pricing structures. The free version allows customers to build one-to-one connections between apps and automate basic tasks. A premium plan starts at $20 per month and allows the creation of workflows with more steps. Zapier is constantly looking to add new apps to its integration platform and Ivanti Service Manager is just one of the latest.

Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier (Image credit Linkedin)
Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier

Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier commented: “The integration of Ivanti Service Manager with Zapier enables service and support teams, help desks and service desks that rely on Ivanti’s powerful solution to streamline their workflows using the cloud-based tools they prefer. We are pleased to add them to the Zapier partner network.”

The integrations that Zapier offers opens up a world of possibilities for Ivanti Service Manager users. What new zaps they develop over the next few months should reveal how successful this partnership is. It will bring new revenues to Zapier and embed Ivanti deeper into organisations, potentially reducing churn and increasing customer advocacy.


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