Cloud Foundry Summit Europe
Cloud Foundry Summit Europe

The Cloud Foundry Summit Europe opens today and is a sell-out. Taking place in Frankfurt the summit is focusing on the issues around multi-cloud deployment and the challenge of IoT. Originally created by VMware, it was spun out and taken over by Pivotal Software. Since then Cloud Foundry has managed to become a key Platform as a Service for cloud developers.

This is not just a developer conference. Cloud Foundry has made significant inroads into large enterprises over the last two years. Among those enterprises are some of Europe’s biggest companies including SAP, Volkswagen, Bosch and Siemens. It will hope that it can use this conference to add to that list. In its favour is the fact that the European Commission is very keen on open source and cloud computing.

One hope of many in the European open source technology scene is for someone like Cloud Foundry to get more closely involved in some of the European technology projects. This would provide significantly more resources than many projects current have. It would also provide an obvious path to getting the output from those projects adopted by companies. This would help speed up many of the European Commissions’ goals for wider technology use throughout the bloc.

Seven announcements at Cloud Foundry Summit to start the week

There are seven announcements to help kick off the week. These include:

  1. SAP opening the first Dojo in Germany in Walldorf.
  2. Stark and Wayne opening a new European office and hiring software and Cloud Foundry veteran, Ferran Rodenas.
  3. now supporting Diego for workloads on Cloud Foundry – bringing a multi-cloud, serverless experience to enterprises.
  4.  Five new members for the Cloud Foundry Foundation – Bosch, Acetti Software, Comcast, Hexad, and QIO.
  5. The launch of Cloud Foundry Days, similar to the success programme run by OpenStack. Already announced are meeting in Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
  6. The introduction of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) inside the Cloud Foundry Foundation. The first groups will focus on the Internet of Things, financial services and service providers.
  7. A new set of training and education material, developed and donated by Pivotal. These are aimed at helping individuals become more proficient on Cloud Foundry. They are released under the Apache open source licensing model.


A busy summit is promised with more announcements promised. Cloud Foundry is enjoying significant support at the moment. In addition the announcement that SAP are opening the first Cloud Foundry Dojo in Germany will get a lot of attention. The question is can Cloud Foundry take advantage of this interest to get itself more closely involved with European computing projects?


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