Democratising access to data is a major challenge for many organisations. Yet, how are employees expected to mine and use data effectively without access? The simple answer is that they can’t. At Appian World, I talked with Annelise Dubrovsky, Vice President of Product Management at Appian, about Process HQ and Appian’s Data Fabric updates.

Dubrovsky began by talking about Data Fabric. She said, “Data Fabric is where we make it so easy to connect multiple systems together into this one virtual data model, which then contains this related data model across multiple systems.” The result is that Appian is seeing customers improving productivity and getting value from their data.

Annelise Dubrovsky, Vice President of Product Management at Appian (Image Cfedit: LinkedIn)
Annelise Dubrovsky, Vice President of Product Management at Appian

Dubrovsky sees customers using Data Fabric as a foundation for Process HQ. It allows customers to utilise data in two ways. One is the ability to combine data and get process insights. The other is self-service Data Fabric analytics. It exposes data that was previously locked into various data sources and silos.

The virtual layer that Data Fabric creates also delivers benefits. For example, it removes the need for more copies of data. It also eliminates the challenge of ETL that many organisations struggle with. It also simplifies or at least reduces the challenge of data security.

Once you have a single security model, you can begin to understand more about processes. Dubrovsky says, “Process HQ brings to life that vision that we have now we have all of that insight that’s there. How fast can we get the business user to see the impact of their process, their operations and the improvements that they’re making?”

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