Saturday, August 8, 2020
Nate Lindstrom talks about DNS and intelligent traffic management

Nate Lindstrom talks DNS and traffic management

Nate Lindstrom of NS1 recently sat down with Enterprise Times to talk about DNS and intelligent traffic routing. The conversation took place at NS1's office in San Francisco and covered the...
Defence Agency gets a new Cyber School

Paul Bleackley talks about UK Cyber Defence

  Earlier this year Enterprise Times had the opportunity to visit the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. Part of the Ministry of Defence, its main focus is on the impact of...
Forcepoint HQ

Talking cybersecurity with Dr Richard Ford

Enterprise Times recently visited Forcepoint's HQ in Austin, Texas where we got to sit down with Chief Scientist, Dr Richard Ford and talk cybersecurity. It was an interesting conversation that looked...
Talking Canonical with Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth talks Canonical

At the OpenStack Summit in Boston delegates have been getting updated on Managed Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS). The OpenStack Foundation believes that this is the next big move that...
Wherever a container runs it behaves exactly the same (Image Credit: Photo by Victoire Joncheray on Unsplash )

Wherever a container runs it behaves exactly the same

At QSC19, Enterprise Times caught up with Asif Awan, CTO of Container Security at Qualys. Awan has a long history in building security solutions and he sold his last start-up to...
SUSE offers OpenStack for z Systems

Jeff Reser talks SUSE and IBM

On a recent visit to London Jeff Reser, Global Product and Solutions Marketing Manager, SUSE sat down with Enterprise Times. We talked about SUSE's relationship with IBM and how that will...
Jacqueline de Rojas, Executive Vice President, Sage

Talking diversity with Jacqueline de Rojas

At the Sage Business Leaders conference in Dublin last week Enterprise Times caught up with Jacqueline de Rojas, Executive Vice President, Sage. As well as her role at Sage, de Rojas...
Rachel Neaman talks about diversity, skills shortages, cybersecurity and socio-economic challenges

Rachel Neaman talks about diversity and cybersecurity

Earlier this year, Enterprise Times spent some time with the Corsham Institute looking at the work it was doing with retraining military veterans into cybersecurity roles. During the day, ET was...
Inside IBM Cloud Data Center

John Considine talks about IBM Cloud

Enterprise Times sat down with John Considine, General Manager, IBM Cloud to talk about cloud and what IBM's plans are for the future. IBM has been very aggressive in building out...
Tim Rawlins talks cybersecurity

Tim Rawlins talks about cybersecurity

Enterprise Times recently caught up with Tim Rawlins, Senior Advisor and Director, NCC Group. We sat and talked about the state of cyber security, the problems of staff retention and threat...


Dentists bitten by cybercriminals (Image Credit: Rafael Juárez from Pixabay )

Dentists bitten by cybercriminals

Dentists have become the latest group to lose data to cybercriminals. The British Dental Association (BDA) has taken its website down as a result...
Phoenix, Pixabay/Mysticsartdesign

WFMSG reborn as CommunityWFM

Workforce Management Software Group has rebranded itself as CommunityWFM. The cloud-based workforce management vendor provides a solution for contact centres. It creates visibility, collaboration...
Huobi digital assets

Huobi digital asset management platform and custody services

Huobi is launching a digital asset management platform - with custody services for institutions. Huobi claims the platform matches qualified institutional investors and high-net-worth...
Zoho BackToWork

Are you ready to go BackToWork?

Zoho has announced a new solution to help organisations as they start returning employees to the workplace. Like similar initiatives earlier this year Zoho...
Tel Aviv

TASE to launch central blockchain securities lending platform

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) will launch a central blockchain securities lending platform. It is promising that this will offer "innovative and groundbreaking...

Cellebrite adds cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations solution

Cellebrite has launched Crypto Tracer. This is a cryptocurrency investigation solution designed to speed up investigations involving blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Such a tool...
Are your SOC staff looking for a way out? (Image Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay )

Are your SOC staff looking for a way out?

First-time security analysts can’t wait to get the heck out of the Security Operation Centre (SOC). Half of the first time (entry-level) security analysts...
(Credit image/Pixabay/ Gerd Altmann)

Unilog announces Acumatica partnership

Unilog has joined the Acumatica Marketplace as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner. The Marketplace offers Acumatica customers and reselling partners access to complementary applications...
FastPOS author pleads guilty in US (Image Credit: Blake Wisz on Unsplash)

FastPOS author pleads guilty in US

The author of the FastPOS malware that affected point-of-sale (POS) systems has pled guilty to RICO charges in the US. Valerian Chiochiu, aka “Onassis,”...
Blockchain Catch-up

Blockchain Catch-up Week 29 (to w/e 31st July)

This is a start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ for Week 29. The catch-up is not intended to be comprehensive; it seeks to highlight developments...
Belarus arrests GandCrab operator (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

Belarus arrests GandCrab operator

An alleged operator of the GandCrab ransomware has been arrested in Belarus. The arrest was a joint operation between the UK, Romania and the...
BigTime Wallet reports

BigTime Software adds payments to PSA

BigTime Software has added a payments engine to its PSA solution. Its BigTime Wallet is available to both Pro and Premier users. The solution...

eftpos to pioneer micropayments using Hedera Hashgraph

eftpos Payments Australia is collaborating with Hedera Hashgraph on a micropayments proof-of-concept. This aims to create a seamless Australian payment experience for web users....
BootHole exposes billion of devices to attack (Image Credit: David Reed from Pixabay)

BootHole exposes billions of devices to attack

Are you preparing to patch all your Linux, Windows and other devices today? No? Well, you should. Researchers at Eclypsium have announced BootHole. It...