Sunday, May 16, 2021
Germany paying top Euro for Cybersecurity Professionals

Germany paying top Euro for Cybersecurity Professionals

Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory and broking solutions company, has published its latest Cyber Pay survey results. They show some remarkable differences between countries across Europe. For cybersecurity professionals having...
LinkedIn not helping hacked customers

LinkedIn failing hacked customers

No matter how careful you think you are, there is always a risk that your online accounts can be hacked. For most people it is simply an inconvenience and possible embarrassment...
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IBM adds Fenergo OEM deal to fight financial crime

IBM is to OEM Fenergo's Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. IBM intends to add the software to its RegTech portfolio of anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-client (KYC) software. IBM's existing solutions...
NTT Security Operations Centre (Image Credit: NTT Security)

NTT Security says UK manufacturing was top hacking target

NTT Security, the cyber security division of NTT has released its Global Threat Intelligence Report 2018 (registration required). There are a number of surprises in this report including the top targets...
GDPR data request costs likely to burden NHS

Exonar warns over costs of GDPR data requests

Data discovery tools vendor Exonar has warned that data requests under GDPR could cost the public sector millions. The claim is made in a report entitled The Impact of Privacy on...
Fraud costs the UK £190 billion annually

Experian claims fraud costs UK £190 billion per year

Credit service agency Experian has reported that the UK loses over £190 billion per year to fraud. That staggering number comes from its Annual Fraud Indicator 2017 report. £190 billion is...

VPN’s sharing data with Facebook

Using the Internet can be dangerous. There are lots of people who like to intercept messages and steal data. The solution, we've been told for years, is to use a Virtual...
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LANDESK and HEAT, what is happening?

Clearlake Capital Group Ltd  announced last week that it had acquired Landesk from Thoma Bravo. The acquisition will see Landesk merging with HEAT Software to create a larger security company.  John...
Small merchants struggling with compliance and cyber security 

Small merchants struggling with compliance and cyber security

The latest survey from Sysnet Global Solutions claims that SMEs are struggling with PCI compliance and security. The survey was conducted across a number of acquiring organisations (e.g. banks), including five of...
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Rimini Street moves to add business value

Rimini Street has announced the addition of two new and one extended solution offerings to its portfolio of services. Historically the company has offered maintenance services around ERP solutions such as Oracle...


Pulseway, Siri Shortcuts (c) Pulseway

Pulseway launches Siri shortcuts

Pulseway has again improved the capability of its mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management solution. This time it has added Siri Shortcuts. Enterprise Times...
Snyk targets C/C++ developers with FossID acquisition (Image Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Snyk targets C/C++ developers with FossID acquisition

Snyk has acquired FossID for an undisclosed amount. The deal gives Snyk access to FossID’s tools for scanning C/C++ code for open source licences...
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Salesforce launches low-code innovation for building interactive apps

Salesforce has announced its latest low-code innovation for the Salesforce Platform — Dynamic Interactions. Salesforce says Dynamic Interactions drastically simplifies the process for building...
NTT Ltd reports a year of changing and surprising cyberattacks (Image Credit: Pedro Lastra on Unsplash)

NTT Ltd reports a year of changing and surprising cyberattacks

NTT Ltd has released its Global Threat Intelligence Report 2021. It focuses on a wide range of threats and challenges that NTT monitored and...
It's time to treat people, process and data equally (Image Credit: Christopher Robin Ebbinghaus on Unsplash)

It’s time to treat people, process and data equally

What do people, process and data have in common? They are the three key elements of your business and organisations are using automation to...
HelpSystems continues to expand with Beyond Security acquisition (Image Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

HelpSystems continues to expand with Beyond Security acquisition

HelpSystems has announced its latest acquisition, Beyond Security, for an undisclosed amount. The news comes just two months after Beyond Security release its latest...

ALT/AVE launches docStribute, built on Hedera

ALT/AVE has launched docStribute. This is a distributed ledger solution built on the Hedera Hashgraph network. It seeks to address the often under-considered paper...
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Research says organisations combining API management with microservices will have edge

Software AG published research revealing 97% of IT leaders believe in combining the utilisation of APIs, microservices and integration. However, only 1% say that...
FundApps Funding Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

FundApps takes funding to accelerate growth

FundApps has selected Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) to help expand its rapidly growing RegTech company. FundApps did not disclose the funding details, but Andrew...
Acquisition Filevine outlaw Image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Has Outlaw gone completely legal after Filevine acquires it?

Filevine, the operating platform for legal professionals, has announced the acquisition of Outlaw, a Contract Lifecycle Management platform. Neither party disclosed the terms of...
What is driving low code adoption? (Image Credit: NASA on Unsplash)

What is driving low code adoption?

2020 saw a significant surge in the adoption of low code solutions and that has continued into 2021. As Appian World starts, Enterprise Times...
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What not to do when rebranding your company

A tip by Oliver Pilgerstorfer about what to avoid when rebranding. He offers advises marketers that they should seek validation. #Tip @IFS @OliverPilger
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Mirakl adds new flavours to its Marketplace Platform

Mirakl, an advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform has released new features for Mirakl Marketplace Platform. The platform enables enterprises to fully integrate and manage...
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Gilmore steps down at Planview for ex-Llamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav

'Greg Gilmore has stepped aside as CEO of Planview with immediate effect. Razat Gaurav fills the void, joining the board of directors and assuming...