Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Krow Software announces PSA Fall 19

Krow Software has announced Fall 19, the latest release of its PSA solution on the Salesforce platform. The update includes a new integration to Expensify. It also has a number of...
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News from week beginning 6th July

News from week beginning 6th July includes #Research from @BlackLine, @BluePrism, @Workday, @Zendesk and @Pipedrive as well as product news from @AccountsIQ, @Keap, @Microsoft, @Oracle and @Pandlecloud
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News from Week Beginning June 1st

#News from week beginning June 1st included partnerships between @CodelessHQ + @DigitalRiverInc, @Kofax + @Microsoft, @PrioritySw + #TovaERP, @ZeecoInc + @SaltEdge
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CrossConcept brings Continuum PSA to Europe

CrossConcept, the software vendor responsible for Continuum PSA has opened its first European office. The office appears to be headed up by Lee Mc Closkey, marketing manager who will split his...
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KeyedIn announces thirteen partners with PartnerUp initiative

KeyedIn has announced a new global channel partner program called PartnerUp. The program is targeted at channel partners looking to Support KeyedIn’s project and portfolio management (PPM) software. That solution is...
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Does the boss need to evolve?

When Heroclitus wrote: “There is nothing permanent except change” he was not solely referring to the advances of technology. An affirmation of this is highlighted in some recent research by Kimble....
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News from the week beginning 7th September

Last weeks news included research from @Ascender, @IFS and @SAP and updates from @BluePrism, @Nuxeo, @SirionLabs and Upland
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Changepoint rises with bright future

Changepoint announced new branding last year and it has now revealed what it has been working on for the last eighteen months. In a triple announcement, it has revealed a new...
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Clarizen Go brings in new features

Clarizen has announced an update to its task management solution Clarizen Go. This is a minor update with a number of improvements. Clarizen seems to have a monthly cadence of updates to...
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News of the week beginning 29th June

News of the week beginning 29th June include #Research from @MineralTree, @Xero, @IFS, @K2onK2, @FreshworksInc and @BrightpearlHQ


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Embodee announces beta availability of new web platform for 3D fashion products

Embodee has launched a 3D web platform that integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation. The company creates virtual renderings of 3D apparel...

VetSecCon shows veterans the way forward in cybersecurity

VetSecCon 2020, a convention focused on veterans wanting to get into or currently employed in cybersecurity has just taken place. The event took place...
Athennian and re

Athennian adds visualisation expertise with Redox Technologies

Athennian is to acquire Redox Technologies, a Montreal based tax visualisation startup. The press release refers to this deal as an acqui-hire. This infers...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 40 (to w/e 16th October)

This is a Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ for Week 40. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be...
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When you need to know how many times an item appears in a list...

Here at Enterprise times we get reports that may have thousands of lines of data. There are many times that we need to know...
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Humanising eCommerce

Ecrubox Digital, have launched a report Human Commerce: Powered by Technology to support brands that put humans at the centre of the buying experience....
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IBM Watson brings AIOps to ServiceNow

ServiceNow has strengthened its strategic partnership with IBM and will leverage IBM Watson across its product suite. Using Watson AI Ops, launched in May...
Poor identity controls allow attackers to exploit Office 365 (Image Credit: Romain V on Unsplash)

Poor identity controls allow attackers to exploit Office 365

Poor identity and privilege access controls are causing problems across SaaS environments. They allow users more access than they need, especially with applications such...
BlueVoyant snaps up Managed Sentinel and targets Microsoft Azure (Image Credit: David Rangel on Unsplash)

BlueVoyant snaps up Managed Sentinel and targets Microsoft Azure

BlueVoyant has snapped up Managed Sentinel as it looks to strengthen its offerings for Microsoft Azure customers. The deal gives BlueVoyant a boost in...
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Research shows corporate ambitions outpace legacy investments

Four in every ten enterprises in the UK report significant financial obstacles in their quest to realise digital transformation ambitions. This is according to...
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Salesforce delivers triple CSR initiative at virtual UK conference

Salesforce Live was hosted by Lenny Henry this week. In the absence of any major product announcements, Salesforce used the keynote to support its...
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Workplace from Facebook, now with extra Crayon

Crayon has expanded its partnership with Workplace from Facebook. As companies expand Work From Home (WFH) and some make it permanent, Crayon is expanding...

KPMG offers blockchain-based CAI – for climate accounting capability

KPMG has announced a patent-pending blockchain-based capability, Climate Accounting Infrastructure (CAI). The objective is to help an organisation more accurately to measure, mitigate, report...
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SurveyMonkey launches GetFeedback (CX) Platform

SurveyMonkey has launched its new customer experience (CX) solution, the GetFeedback platform. Announced at SurveyMonkey's inaugural customer experience event, the CX Impact Summit, the...