80% of CIO's believe paid for premium support is a rip off

The great cloud provider rip off 

ElasticHosts have released the results of a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne in which it claims 80% of customers feel the premium support services they pay for are little more than...

Infor accelerates supply chain forecasting

Infor has announced a new application called Demand+. Its purpose is to accelerate Supply Chain Forecasting. With the acquisition of GT Nexus rumbling on it is encouraging to see Infor had plans...
Netsuite partner with Celergo for global payroll capability

NetSuite adds payroll with Celergo

Has NetSuite outmanoeuvred Salesforce? NetSuite has announced a partnership agreement and integrated app with Celergo, the global payroll management company. Is a press release that focussed on the international aspects of...
Bluewolf issues State of Salesforce report

Salesforce experience improving says Bluewolf 

Bluewolf has released its annual State of Salesforce report and the news is generally good for users as the overall Salesforce experience is improving. One of the surprises from the report is...
Access management limiting productivity

Access management limiting productivity

The Dell global security survey shows that common access management processes limit employee productivity. The survey which was undertaken by Dimensional Research involved 460 IT professionals and 301 business users. They were...
tokyo-view-1406380-800x450 Image credit Freeimages.com/Jeronimo Santos

Equinix seeks Bit-isle in Japan

Equinix, Inc has an established business in Japan but it is seeking to become the fourth largest operator there in a deal worth US$280 million as it bids for Tokyo based...
IT Expo Europe poll shows IT Workers vote Yes to EU membership

IT pros say Yes to EU

A recent survey for IP Expo has shown that IT Professionals  want the UK to say Yes to EU when the promised referendum comes around. We are still a year or more...
Microsoft buys Adallom, the Cloud Security firm

Microsoft buys Adallom for $320 million

In a blog by Takeshi Numoto , Corporate Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Adallom, the cloud access security company. Microsoft buys Adallom, but who are...
Turkey - Image Credit Freeimages.com/Valber Cortez

Interoute to gobble up Easynet

Interoute bought itself an early Christmas present in announcing its acquisition of Easynet for £402 million in a press release that said little but was bullish in nature. Exciting times Easynet has had a chequered...
DRagonfly : Image Credit: Freeimages.com/Cheryl Empey

Dragonfly creates cybersecurity ecosystem

Dragonfly Technologes Pty Ltd has announced a new strategic partnership with Singapore based NSHC Pte Ltd to strengthen their security services. Based in Sydney, New South Wales Dragonfly also has offices in...


Salesforce (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

New Salesforce research shows sustainability optimism despite AI energy demands

Salesforce has released the results of a recent survey of nearly 500 sustainability professionals. The survey found while almost 4 in 10 worry about...
Keepit finds CISOs and CIOs struggling with data protection (Image Credit: getty-images-scSAXdpeyEI-unsplash)

Keepit finds CISOs and CIOs struggling with data protection

Keepit has found that CISOs and CIOs need help with data protection challenges exacerbated by AI and the cloud. Of concern is that both show...
Linx Security raises US$33 million and exits stealth mode (Image Credit: nick-fancher-ekbOPoEdLlw-unsplash)

Linx Security raises US$33 million and exits stealth mode

Linx Security has secured $33 million in funding as it exits stealth mode. Index Ventures and Cyberstarts led the funding round. Mickey Boodaei, Rakesh...
Precisely expands wildfire risk capabilities with new data sets (Image Credit: resource-database-YrA7uHQMS5Y-unsplash)

Precisely Expands Wildfire Risk Capabilities With New Data Sets

Precisely has expanded its Wildfire Risk product. It has added access to additional data and modelling tools. This will give urban planners, insurers and...
NCA takes down DDoS-for-hire Service Digitalstress (Image Credit: NCA)

NCA Takes Down DDoS-for-hire Service Digitalstress

The National Crime Agency (NCA), working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), has infiltrated and taken down a DDoS-for-hire service as part...
nShift (credit image/Pixabay/Alexander Fox)

nShift Research Says Deliveries the Key Difference-maker for GenZ Shoppers

nShift has published research which has highlighted the changing public attitudes to online delivery. The company's guide 'Beyond the box: Turning deliveries into a business-building...
Jumpcloud finds Shadow IT and cyberattacks keep IT teams awake (Image Credit: adam-wilson-6UIonphZA5o-unsplash)

Jumpcloud Finds Shadow IT and Cyberattacks Keep IT Teams Awake

Jumpcloud has released its Q3 2024 SME IT Trends Report, “Detours Ahead: How IT Navigates an Evolving World” (registration required). It highlights concerns over...
SnapLogic (credit image/Pixabay/Davie Bicker)

SnapLogic Announces Partnership With Syndigo to Accelerate Commerce Systems Impact

SnapLogic, a provider of generative integration have announced a strategic partnership with Syndigo, a SaaS commerce data management provider. The partnership will allow enterprises...
ORO Labs becomes worlds first ISO 42001 organisation (Image Credit: getty-images-9ds7BmN2UeE-unsplash)

ORO Labs Becomes Worlds First ISO 42001 Organisation

ORO Labs has become the first organisation in the world to be awarded ISO 42001 certification for AI Systems Management. The ISO standard was...
Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Boku Hires Nat West Veteran as CFO

Boku has announced the appointment of Rob Whittick as its new Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. He joins the AIM-listed company following the...
Optimizely (credit image/Pixabay/Diggity Marketing)

Optimizely launches new SaaS CMS and Visual Builder

Optimizely has launched its SaaS CMS which includes a new Visual Builder. Building upon the company’s reputation in category leadership, this new product is...
Appointment © 2017 Image by Alexander from Pixabay

Pipefy Appoints US Head of Sales

Pipefy has appointed Josh Roth as Vice President of Revenue and Head of US Sales. His appointment follows the departure of Salvatore Tocco at...
RAVEL Orchsterate 2.7 Dashboard for Bare Metal

RAVEL Introduces Bare Metal Build Station

RAVEL has announced the launch of a new capability within RAVEL Orchestrate. Bare Metal Build Station enables IT teams to prepare and deploy customised...
CultureAI closes US$10 million Series A funding round (Image Credit: (getty-images-9ds7BmN2UeE-unsplash)

CultureAI closes US$10 million Series A funding round

CultureAI has closed a US$10 million Series A funding round led by Mercia Ventures and Smedvig Ventures. Two existing investors also took part, Passion...