Sunsail use tablets to capture data and instantly share with Head office (Source Sunsail/EE)

EE aims new tablet deal at small businesses

EE have announced that they will be offering tablets on a 3 year plans for small businesses. The decision was based on recent research commissioned by EE that revealed some interesting...
Intel announces $50m for Quantum Computing research

Intel invests in Quantum Computing 

Intel invests $50m over 10 years and offers engineering resources both on-site and at its own facilities to support research into Quantum Computing. According to the press release the money is to...
Synology NAS device RS2416+ (Source Synology)

Synology NAS solution for SME

Synology has revealed its latest NAS solutions, the Rackstation RS2416+ and Rackstation RS2416RP+. The fundamental difference between the two being the redundant power supply on the latter device. The new Synology NAS...
IT not as important in Tech Procurement as it might think

Who manages your tech procurement?

Wax Digital has released the details of a survey looking at who leads when it comes to tech procurement inside the enterprise. Procurement might not be the most thrilling of topics but...
IBM and ARM collaborate to capture data from mbed enabled devices into IBM IoT Foundation

IBM and ARM do IoT deal

IBM and ARM have announced a deal to extend the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) platform called the IBM IoT Foundation. In October 2014, ARM launched its IoT platform called mbed. It...
Canadian Flag and Mountains Image credit Weimar

Oracle locate data in Canada

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle CX Cloud from a hosting location in Canada. This will enable the company to provision several cloud platforms to be hosted and served from...
Mining Equipment, Image credit

Kinetic mesh network adds BT

BT has announced a global framework agreement with Rajant. This is an interesting deal that will open up new opportunities for the BT data network and enable it to start working...
Hospital Image : Image CRedit Niewiadomski

Salesforce Health Cloud announced

Salesforce has announced the preview version of Salesforce Health Cloud. The preview version is available today with general availability scheduled for February 2016. It does not seem that long ago when patient...
Egnyte announces new partner programme

 Egnyte announces new Partner Programme

Egnyte has announced a new Technology Partner Programme (TPP) that will lead to an app store and the opportunity for partners to sell to the wider customer base. The news came...
OVH announces cloud expansion

OVH launches new generation of VPS

Europe's largest Internet hosting provider OVH, has announced its next generation of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offering better performance and security. VPS have become popular with both IT departments and developers. Unlike...


Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Percona appoints Liz Warner as Chief Technology

Percona, the open-source database vendor, has appointed Liz Warner to the position of Chief Technology Officer. She assumes responsibility from Vadim Tkachenko, who, as...
Digital Turbine (Credit image/Pixabay/Pexels)

Digital Turbine report highlights how media choice is impacting social media ad effectiveness

Digital Turbine, in collaboration with Qrious Insight has released a report series on social media advertising performance. The report explores social media in light...
Dart Double Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

AtScale scores double at Semantic Layer Summit

At the annual Semantic Layer Summit, AtScale made two announcements. The first is the public preview of the AtScale Developer Community Edition. The second...
Groupon (Credit image/Pixabay/Stocksnap)

Groupon and SiteMinder form partnership to enhance travel experience

Groupon has formed a partnership with SiteMinder, a hotel software platform provider that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels. The collaboration integrates SiteMinder's...
Qualys giving 30-day free access to Enterprise TruRisk Platform - Image by Elchinator from Pixabay

Qualys giving 30-day free access to Enterprise TruRisk Platform

Qualys has made its Enterprise TruRisk Platform free for 30-days. It is doing this to help organisations meet the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) 5-7...
Cobalt Iron gets EU patent for Cyber Event Responsiveness - Image by Dave from Pixabay

Cobalt Iron gets EU patent for Cyber Event Responsiveness

Cobalt Iron has received a European patent for its Cyber Event Responsiveness. The company says that Patent no 3683705 focuses on techniques to improve...
Interprefy AI

Interprefy unveils Interprefy AI

Interprefy renamed its advanced automated live speech translation solution for meetings and events. Henceforward, its next-generation AI event translator will be known as Interprefy AI. In...
xtype Clone View

Has xtype made clones easier for ServiceNow customers?

xtype has unveiled its latest product to assist ServiceNow customers. xtype Clone View is now available on the ServiceNow marketplace. The new product is...
Corner Lemur Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

Looking around corners

This is the 70th in a series of business tips from industry leaders that Enterprise Times has spoken to. Enterprise Times recently interviewed Clive...
Shipium (credit image/Pixabay/)

Shipium and APC Postal Logistics partner to expand international reach for eCommerce shippers

APC Postal Logistics has formed a partnership with Shipium, the modern shipping platform for eCommerce retailers, brands, and LSPs. APC Postal Logistics is a...
Business Travel Image by Alexa from Pixabay

UK SMEs look to combine business with leisure on international travel

Research sponsored by corporate travel agency Travel Counsellors for Business and conducted by Censuswide has discovered that 60% of SMEs are planning to spend...
Auctane (credit image/PIxabay/TaWiPoP)

US consumers embrace omnichannel, merging digital and physical shopping journeys

A new study by Auctane suggests that 73% of US consumers blend online research, physical store visits, and options like buy-online-pickup-in-store or in-store returns...
Bridge Image credit pixabay/Larisa-K

Autumna achieves golden results

Autumna has announced that it has achieved huge revenue growth over the last two years. Founded in 2019, the company achieved revenues of £419,000...
Acquisition BeyondTrust of Entitle. Image credit

BeyondTrust acquires Entitle at JIT PAM capability

BeyondTrust has announced the acquisition of Entitle, the just-in-time permissions access management vendor. This is the first acquisition announced by BeyondTrust since its July...