Friday, June 18, 2021
Migrane Credit Szwalkiewicz

iSolved paid sick time laws

Infinisource has released the latest version of its human capital management software (HCM) iSolved. There are several enhancements, not least the ability to deal with the recent legislation around paid sick...
SK Telecom to integrate Samsung and LG Electronics smart home devices into its Smart Home Platform

SK Telecom extends Smart Home Platform

SK Telecom is to extend its Smart Home Platform to include support for the smart home platforms of Samsung and LG. Convergence of smart home platforms makes sense. Very few consumers fully...
Blackberry Keypad Image credit: Lafrate

Good buy for Blackberry?

Blackberry has announced their intention to purchase Good Technology in a cash purchase of $425 million.  This will further enhance Blackberry on their quest back to respectability among CIO’s.  Not only...
Sunsail use tablets to capture data and instantly share with Head office (Source Sunsail/EE)

EE aims new tablet deal at small businesses

EE have announced that they will be offering tablets on a 3 year plans for small businesses. The decision was based on recent research commissioned by EE that revealed some interesting...
Intel announces $50m for Quantum Computing research

Intel invests in Quantum Computing 

Intel invests $50m over 10 years and offers engineering resources both on-site and at its own facilities to support research into Quantum Computing. According to the press release the money is to...
Synology NAS device RS2416+ (Source Synology)

Synology NAS solution for SME

Synology has revealed its latest NAS solutions, the Rackstation RS2416+ and Rackstation RS2416RP+. The fundamental difference between the two being the redundant power supply on the latter device. The new Synology NAS...
IT not as important in Tech Procurement as it might think

Who manages your tech procurement?

Wax Digital has released the details of a survey looking at who leads when it comes to tech procurement inside the enterprise. Procurement might not be the most thrilling of topics but...
IBM and ARM collaborate to capture data from mbed enabled devices into IBM IoT Foundation

IBM and ARM do IoT deal

IBM and ARM have announced a deal to extend the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) platform called the IBM IoT Foundation. In October 2014, ARM launched its IoT platform called mbed. It...
Canadian Flag and Mountains Image credit Weimar

Oracle locate data in Canada

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle CX Cloud from a hosting location in Canada. This will enable the company to provision several cloud platforms to be hosted and served from...
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Kinetic mesh network adds BT

BT has announced a global framework agreement with Rajant. This is an interesting deal that will open up new opportunities for the BT data network and enable it to start working...


WS02 releases Choreo iPaaS to public beta (Image Credit: WS02)

WSO2 releases Choreo iPaaS to public beta

WSO2 has released Choreo, its integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), to public beta. It is described as: “a single, all-inclusive platform for creating...
How will IT change to accommodate more remote working? (Image Credit: Helena Lopes on Unsplash)

How will IT change to accommodate more remote working?

Remote working has become the norm for vast swathes of people since the Covid pandemic took hold in 2020. For many, there are signs...
(Image credit/Pexels/ Savvas Stavrinos)

BDS Marketing & Creative Channel Services partners to form new company – BDS Connected...

BDS Marketing (BDS) and Creative Channel Services (CCS) have combined to form BDS Connected Solutions. The new company says its the industry’s most progressive,...
Acquisition WSO2 Platformer Image credit Pixabay/geralt

WSO2 acquires Platformer

WSO2 has completed its first acquisition, Platformer. The company provides an applications platform that enables organisations to move software into production quickly using Kubernetes....
Securolytics COO launched cyberattack on a hospital (Imge Credit: Olga Guryanova on Unsplash)

Securolytics COO launched cyberattack on a hospital

The US Department of Justice has arrested Vikas Singla, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and founder of Securolytics, a network security company. He is charged...
IBM Fabric Console

IBM deepens its commitment to open source Hyperledger Fabric

IBM is deepening its contributions to Hyperledger Fabric. It is providing code which it (IBM) says makes it easier to develop and deploy blockchain...
(credit image/Pixabay/ StockSnap)

New report reveals surge in demand for digital payments

New research released by is a ‘wake-up call’ for online retailers. The report predicts the shift towards online shopping, accelerated by the pandemic,...
Mission Control - (c) Aprika

Mission Control enhances project accounting and CX

Aprika has just released version 1.58 of its PSA solution Mission Control. Version 1.58 is available to customers now for manual upgrade and will...
(Credit image/Pixabay/athree23)

Shopify launches Shop Pay Installments in the US

Shopify has launched Shop Pay Installments, its buy now, pay later product specifically designed for Shopify merchants. Shop Pay Installments helps merchants give their...
Immersive Labs scores US$75 million Series C funding round (Image Credit: John Schnobrich on Unsplash)

Immersive Labs scores US$75 million Series C funding round

Cyber skills platform, Immersive Labs, has raised US$75m in a Series C funding round. It takes the money raised by the company to $123m...
Acquisition Precesely of Winshuttle Image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Precisely strengthens SAP data portfolio with Winshuttle acquisition

Precisely is to acquire Winshuttle from Symphony Technology Group (STG), the Palo Alto based private equity company which bought it in 2018. Winshuttle merged...
(Credit image/Pixabay/Pete Linforth)

WP Engine research reveals size of global WordPress economy

WP Engine has announced the results of a research study examining the combined global economy for WordPress. The study estimates the WordPress economy at...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 23

This is Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ Week 23. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be comprehensive but...
FBI move creates payment challenges for cybercriminals (Image Credit: Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash)

FBI move creates payment challenges for cybercriminals

The FBI has successfully recovered US$2.3 million that Colonial Pipeline paid to the Darkside cybercrime gang. It represents 85% (63.7) of the bitcoins used...