Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Is IFS growing channel fast enough?

IFS continues to strengthen its European partner channel with an announcement that Alter Systems has joined the global IFS Partner Network to resell, implement and support IFS applications in Ukraine. This is...
MariaDB signs 9 new European resellers

MariaDB targets greater European growth

Database provider MariaDB has announced nine new European reseller partners as it seeks to maintain its sales growth in Europe. In 2015 it doubled its sales in the region and claims that...
Iceland extends deal with JDA

Iceland expands JDA footprint

JDA has announced that Iceland, the UK frozen food retailer, has taken on board four new JDA software products in an effort to reverse its decline in profits. Last year Iceland...
Work, Rest and Play an IBB report on Virtual Reality

Is Virtual Reality coming to your workplace?

Invest Bristol & Bath (IBB) has released a report titled Work, Rest & Play, subtitled 'A report on how virtual reality will impact everyday lives.' At the heart of the report...
Nexthink raise $40 million in funding

Nexthink gets $40 million for end-user analytics

End-user analytic company Nexthink has announced it has received an extra $40 million in new investment led by venture capital firm Highland Europe. In its press release Nexthink says that the...
CenturyLink Cloud comes to Sydney Australia Source :

CenturyLink Cloud comes to Australia

CenturyLink is joining the surge of companies expanding in Australia by announcing the opening of its first CenturyLink cloud node in Sydney. Telsyte forecasted in a report last year that the...
IBM to host Box Zones in Europe and Asia

IBM provides regional cloud storage for Box Zones

IBM and Box have announced plans to provide local data storage for customers in Europe and Asia. This will be delivered by Box using its Box Zones feature while the files...
Free tool to unlock computers infected with Petya malware released

Petya Ransomware defeated but don’t cheer yet

Petya is a relatively new member of the ransomware epidemic. Security companies started to report it less than a month ago and it created some serious concerns. This is because unlike...
Can Infor EzRMS deliver an end to empty beds? (Image Credit Head

An end to empty beds with Infor EzRMS

Infor has announced the release of Infor ExRMS (version 20.x) its hospitality management suite. This release includes improved analytics that look to maximise the revenue potential for hotels and a better...
MobileIron Access to enforce secure apps using secured data on secure devices

Improving the trust on mobile devices

MobileIron has announced it has launched MobileIron Access with the aim that: "only trusted apps on trusted devices with trusted users should be able to access corporate data in the cloud."...


Entrust launches 10th generation of it PKI platform (Image Credit: Hack Capital on Unsplash)

Entrust launches 10th generation of it PKI platform

Entrust Datacard has launched Security Manager 10, the latest version of its private key infrastructure (PKI). The PKI platform can be deployed in the...

Telcos streamline settlement via Clear’s blockchain

Using a solution developed by blockchain-based settlement company Clear, three of the largest telcos have successfully finalised a trial of automated settlement of roaming...
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Acquia launches new open Digital Experience Platform

Digital experience company Acquia has launched its new Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The Acquia Open DXP is supported by Acquia Marketing Cloud and...
Cyberattacks increase on the extended enterprise (Image Credit: Joshua Aragon on Unsplash)

Cyberattacks increase on the extended enterprise

Cyberattacks against enterprise targets have increased as a result of the lockdown. They were already on the increase before enterprises sent large numbers of...

Telos launches Epios Project for anonymous COVID-19 testing

Telos has launched the Epios Project. Designed to facilitate anonymous testing for COVID-19 and other epidemics, this epidemic disease project will include anonymous testing...
Are remote workers slacking off? (Image Credit: Junjira Konsang from Pixabay )

Are remote workers slacking off?

80% of remote workers in the US admit to slacking off now they are at home, at least that’s what they told SellCell in...
Will US legislation stop COVID-19 apps leaking user data? (Image Credit: Brian McGowan on Unsplash)

Will US legislation stop COVID-19 apps leaking user data?

COVID-19 contact tracing apps are leaking user data according to security company Avast. It claims that rushing apps to market has meant skimping on...
Spyware and stalkerware usage surges during lockdown (Image Credit: Tumisu from Pixabay )

Spyware and stalkerware usage surges during lockdown

The use of spyware and stalkerware has surged during the lockdown, claims Avast. It says usage of these privacy busting apps for the period...
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Qlik discovers importance of data analytics in fight against COVID-19

Qlik completed two surveys in 2020 that helped identify the changing use of data analytics in NHS Trusts in the UK due to COVID-19....

Symbol and wine fraud prevention by blockchain

Symbol from NEM (Symbol) has developed an enterprise blockchain designed to work in critical load situations – such as networks requiring very high speeds...
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Forter launches smart routing solution for automated payments

Forter, an eCommerce fraud prevention provider, has launched Forter Smart Routing. It is an automated payment routing solution to help merchants prevent revenue...
APT activity is targeting COVID-19 research (Image Credit: fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay )

APT activity is targeting COVID-19 research

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) activity is on the increase with nation-state backed attacks targeting COVID-19 research. The claim comes from NTT Ltd in its...

CVA publishes key ceremony guidelines for digital asset protection

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has published its 'Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines' This is an initiative coming from the from CVA's Cybersecurity Working Group....
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Kooomo launches Pick & Pack app to improve grocery online shopping experience

Kooomo, the digital eCommerce specialist, has launched an innovative Pick and Pack app. It has developed the app to improve the online shopping experience...