Sunday, May 16, 2021
Golden Chicken lays more_eggs backdoor for LinkedIn jobseekers (Image Credit: Tengyart on Unsplash)

Golden Chicken lays more_eggs backdoor for LinkedIn jobseekers

The Golden Chicken threat actor is currently running a spearphishing campaign that leaves the fileless backdoor more_eggs on its victim’s computer. The details of the attack are in a blog from...
Funding Image Source Pixabay/Geralt under CCO

Immedis get $50 million in funding

Immedis, a leading provider of consolidated global payroll solutions, has raised $50 million in a strategic investment led by Lead Edge Capital. It last raised funding in Jun 2019 when Scottish...
(Image credit?Roy Edwards)

New study reveals rising demand for digital services among millennial consumers

Wunderman Thompson Commerce has published findings from its research around vulnerable consumers during the lockdown. Brands must not forego the 44% of millennial consumers who prefer online purchases to be...
Planful Now Tracks Image by Juan Guemez from Pixabay

Planful Now, a flexible way to continuous planning

Planful (previously Host Analytics) has launched Planful Now. It is a packaged solution that enables companies to take a more flexible approach to implementing its solutions. The announcement came during the...
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Kadena and Rymedi partner to validate medicinal products quality

Kadena, the blockchain business which came out of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center for Excellence, has announced a strategic partnership with Rymedi. The latter is a provider of a data platform seeking...
IBM delivers Bluemix Local for customers who want control of their PaaS

Bluemix Local gets relay technology 

IBM has announced the immediate availability of Bluemix Local its Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment intended to help develop and deploy apps quickly. IBM Bluemix was announced in February 2014 with...
SAP Expert Chat - the future of SAP support (Image credit Pixabay/Sasint

SAP Expert Chat is free, faster and the future

SAP is trying to re-energise the use of its SAP Expert service amongst its customers in a new announcement. The announcement links to a new Gartner report by Derek Prior and...
Conversation with Breathe Image credit Pixabay\Geralt

A conversation with Breathe

Enterprise Times caught up with Jonathan Richards, CEO of Breathe in late 2020. Breathe is now part of the Australian listed company ELMO Software. When Enterprise Times last spoke to Richards,...
Image Credit Pixabay/Solomon_Barroa

Did security panic help PhenixID in December

Clavister has announced that its newly acquired subsidiary PhenixID won SEK 10 Million of business in December 2016. Clavister acquired Swedish based PhenixID in November 2016 for SEK 91.5 million. The founders and...
NCA arrests cyber criminals money mules

Cyber criminals network hit

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has announced that it has made 14 arrests related to a major cyber crime network. The group arrested are suspected of laundering over £11 million stolen by...


Pulseway, Siri Shortcuts (c) Pulseway

Pulseway launches Siri shortcuts

Pulseway has again improved the capability of its mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management solution. This time it has added Siri Shortcuts. Enterprise Times...
Snyk targets C/C++ developers with FossID acquisition (Image Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Snyk targets C/C++ developers with FossID acquisition

Snyk has acquired FossID for an undisclosed amount. The deal gives Snyk access to FossID’s tools for scanning C/C++ code for open source licences...
(credit image/pixabay/Stocksnap)

Salesforce launches low-code innovation for building interactive apps

Salesforce has announced its latest low-code innovation for the Salesforce Platform — Dynamic Interactions. Salesforce says Dynamic Interactions drastically simplifies the process for building...
NTT Ltd reports a year of changing and surprising cyberattacks (Image Credit: Pedro Lastra on Unsplash)

NTT Ltd reports a year of changing and surprising cyberattacks

NTT Ltd has released its Global Threat Intelligence Report 2021. It focuses on a wide range of threats and challenges that NTT monitored and...
It's time to treat people, process and data equally (Image Credit: Christopher Robin Ebbinghaus on Unsplash)

It’s time to treat people, process and data equally

What do people, process and data have in common? They are the three key elements of your business and organisations are using automation to...
HelpSystems continues to expand with Beyond Security acquisition (Image Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

HelpSystems continues to expand with Beyond Security acquisition

HelpSystems has announced its latest acquisition, Beyond Security, for an undisclosed amount. The news comes just two months after Beyond Security release its latest...

ALT/AVE launches docStribute, built on Hedera

ALT/AVE has launched docStribute. This is a distributed ledger solution built on the Hedera Hashgraph network. It seeks to address the often under-considered paper...
(credit image/pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Research says organisations combining API management with microservices will have edge

Software AG published research revealing 97% of IT leaders believe in combining the utilisation of APIs, microservices and integration. However, only 1% say that...
FundApps Funding Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

FundApps takes funding to accelerate growth

FundApps has selected Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) to help expand its rapidly growing RegTech company. FundApps did not disclose the funding details, but Andrew...
Acquisition Filevine outlaw Image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Has Outlaw gone completely legal after Filevine acquires it?

Filevine, the operating platform for legal professionals, has announced the acquisition of Outlaw, a Contract Lifecycle Management platform. Neither party disclosed the terms of...
What is driving low code adoption? (Image Credit: NASA on Unsplash)

What is driving low code adoption?

2020 saw a significant surge in the adoption of low code solutions and that has continued into 2021. As Appian World starts, Enterprise Times...
Business Tip Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

What not to do when rebranding your company

A tip by Oliver Pilgerstorfer about what to avoid when rebranding. He offers advises marketers that they should seek validation. #Tip @IFS @OliverPilger
(Image credit/Pixabay/ Sharon Ang)

Mirakl adds new flavours to its Marketplace Platform

Mirakl, an advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform has released new features for Mirakl Marketplace Platform. The platform enables enterprises to fully integrate and manage...
Llama Image by Suzanne Sudekum from Pixabay

Gilmore steps down at Planview for ex-Llamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav

'Greg Gilmore has stepped aside as CEO of Planview with immediate effect. Razat Gaurav fills the void, joining the board of directors and assuming...