Thursday, November 30, 2023
Hillary Ashton talks about Teradata's (Image Credit: Allison Saeng on Unsplash+)

Hillary Ashton talks about Teradata’s

At Teradata Possible 2023 in London, the company announced its new generative AI tool, The announcement raised a number of questions, some of which Teradata responded to in an email,...
Teradata brings Generative AI to VantageCloud Lake with (Image Credit: Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash)

Teradata brings Generative AI to VantageCloud Lake with

Teradata is bringing generative AI to VantageCloud Lake with the launch of The solution is being made available only on VantageCloud Lake installation on Azure at the moment. There is a...
Couchbase releases a developer preview of Capella iQ for its Capella Database-as-a-Service (Image Credit: Capella)

Couchbase releases a developer preview of Capella iQ for its Capella Database-as-a-Service

Couchbase has released a developer preview of Generative AI capabilities for its Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) called Capella iQ. The company claims that it will "significantly enhance developer productivity and accelerate time to...
Neo4j’s Vector Search (Image Credit: Neo4j)

Neo4j adds major new GenAI search capability

Neo4j has integrated native vector search into its core data capabilities. It gives customers better insights from their semantic search and generative AI applications. The company also claims that it will...
Teradata and Nordcloud aim to speed customers' cloud journey (Image Credit: Teradata)

Teradata and Nordcloud aim to speed customers’ cloud journey

Teradata and Nordcloud are to work together to help customers migrate on-premises data and analytic environments to the Teradata VantageCloud Analytics and Data platform. Nordcloud is a preferred cloud integrator for VantageCloud....
Predibase research shows enterprise concern over commercial LLMs rise (Image Credit: Stefan Cosma on Unsplash)

Predibase research shows enterprise concern over commercial LLMs rise

Low-code AI platform vendor Predibase has released new research looking at Large Language Model (LLM) adoption. The report is titled “Beyond the Buzz: A Look at Large Language Models in Production.”...
Portkey raises US$3 million in seed funding for LLMOps

Portkey raises US$3 million in seed funding for LLMOps

0 has announced a successful US$3 million seed funding round as it builds out its Large Language Model Ops (LLMOps) solution. Lightspeed led the funding round which also included a number...
MongoDB releases queryable encryption (Image Credit: Zan on Unsplash)

MongoDB releases Queryable Encryption

At its latest developer conference, MongoDB has announced the general availability of Mongo Queryable Encryption. The company claims it is a first-of-its-kind technology that helps protect sensitive data when it is...
EU European Union Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

Oracle add EU Sovereign cloud region and 2 OCI services

Oracle has launched a sovereign data cloud for EU customers. It has been done to ensure that EU customers, including governments, know their data will be held entirely within the EU....
Saleforce (credit image/Pixabay/dimitrisvetsikas1969)

Salesforce unveils AI Cloud

Salesforce has announced AI Cloud, a new way for Salesforce customers to enhance customer experiences and company productivity with generative AI for the enterprise. AI Cloud is a suite of capabilities...


Connected Work Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Planview brings connected work to AWS marketplace

Planview has taken the opportunity provided by AWS re:Invent to announce that five of its solutions are now available on the AWS Marketplace. This...
BigCommerce (credit image/Pixabay/Dar1930)

BigCommerce customers start critical holiday shopping season with 10% increase in Cyber Week sales

BigCommerce has reported its customers experienced another year of increased Cyber Week sales. The company reveals what has been another successful start to the...
Precisely Amazon Redshift Cyara Strengthens AI-based Chatbot Optimization Capabilities with Acquisition of QBox Strategic acquisition delivers advanced conversational AI testing capabilities for improved chatbot accuracy and performance REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Nov. 28, 2023—Cyara, the leading AI-powered Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform provider, today announced its acquisition of industry-leading conversational AI testing company QBox. This strategic move significantly expands Cyara’s conversational AI testing capabilities, solidifying its position as a global market leader in chatbot optimization. The acquisition of QBox complements Cyara’s existing chatbot testing & training capabilities, enabling enterprises to optimize the development, delivery, and impact of their chatbot and conversational AI investments. By combining Cyara’s expertise in CX assurance, including the optimization of conversational AI, with QBox’s unique approach to testing conversational AI applications, organizations will be able to address the needs of the entire team working on chatbots and voicebots, throughout their development lifecycle – from conversational designers to developers to QA professionals to business analysts. “As organizations accelerate their investments in chatbots, voicebots, and conversational AI, the need for optimization,testing and risk management becomes a critical success factor, to ensure flawless digital experiences are delivered at scale efficiently” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyara. “This acquisition marks a milestone in Cyara's journey to provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing AI-driven chatbot and voicebot performance and underscores our commitment to ensuring our customers can deliver a seamless and elevated CX in today’s evolving AI landscape.” QBox brings a powerful natural language processing (NLP)-driven platform that allows organizations to fully deploy, test, and continually improve conversational AI chatbots at scale. Designed to assess the quality of NLP training data and evaluate a chatbot's efficiency in serving customers, QBox provides crucial visibility into the impact of changes or additions to the training data model. This insight enables companies to make informed decisions on scaling their chatbots' domain knowledge and understanding performance. Cyara’s acquisition of QBox marks a pivotal step in the company’s ongoing strategy to empower organizations in transforming and enhancing their CX through insights, automation and AI. With this acquisition, Cyara enhances its solution set in two key ways: ● Business Approach to Natural Language Understanding (NLU)/ NLP Testing: Cyara recognizes the diverse needs of product owners, business analysts, and designers in the realm of NLU and NLP testing. The integration of QBox into Cyara's portfolio streamlines the testing process, offering a business-oriented approach that aligns with the priorities of these stakeholders. This enhancement will enable a broader group of stakeholders within an organization to ensure the effectiveness of their conversational AI solutions with efficiency and precision. ● Live-interaction Monitoring: QBox monitors real customer interactions to identify where the bot is performing well, and where it is failing to meet customer needs. This complements Cyara’s approach to bot monitoring whereby we execute a test case to perform a health check and make sure the bot is responding appropriately to critical use cases. “By joining forces with Cyara, we bring together our unique capabilities to solve more use cases for a broader customer base,” said Benoit Alvarez, CEO of QBox. “Together, we can accelerate the advancement of conversational AI testing solutions and provide organizations with the confidence they need in deploying and managing conversational AI-driven interactions effectively.” “We are proud founders of QBox, taking it to market in 2019. Handing the baton to Cyara is an exciting new chapter in conversational AI testing and performance management. Congratulations to Alok and his Team,” said Chris Sykes, CEO, Volume Group. To learn more about Cyara’s conversational AI optimization solutions, visit About

Precisely Data Integrity Suite is Amazon Redshift ready

Today, Precisely announced at AWS re:Invent, that its Data Integrity Suite has achieved the Amazon Redshift Service Ready designation. It allows customers to replicate...
Influencer girl - Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Why investing in Influencer Marketing could help your brand

Vamp has published findings from research conducted by Atomik Research. The research looked at the impact of influencer marketing on purchasing decisions. Vamp is...
OpenADR Alliance launches new communications standard OpenADR 3.0 (Image Credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

OpenADR Alliance launches new communications standard OpenADR 3.0

At Enlit Europe 2023, the OpenADR Alliance launched the latest version of its communication standard, OpenADR 3.0. The new standard is not a complete replacement...
Salesforce (credit image/Pixabay/ElisaRiva)

Salesforce reveals Black Friday sales data

Salesforce has released data based on its global shopping data from more than 1.5 billion consumers powered by Commerce Cloud. Salesforce estimated that Black...
Anjuna launches Seaglass, a universal confidential computing platform (Image Credit: pete-godfrey-bVYqBfeoE1I-unsplash)

Anjuna launches Seaglass, a universal confidential computing platform

Anjuna has announced Anjuna Seaglass. It calls it “the first software platform able to create trusted execution environments that are infrastructure and application agnostic."...
Adobe (credit image/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio)

Adobe say UK shoppers spend £3.45 billion online over Cyber Weekend

New data from Adobe reveals that after spending £1.04 billion on Black Friday, UK shoppers spent an additional £2.41 billion over the remainder of...
Praxis Labs announces Pivotal Practice (Image Credit: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash)

Praxis Labs announces Pivotal Practice

Praxis Labs has announced Pivotal Practice. It is built on the latest developments in Generative AI, learning science, and interactive simulations. According to the...
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Cyara acquires Qbox, a conversational AI testing solution

Cyara has acquired QBox, a UK-based start-up with a tool that provides a comprehensive solution for testing conversational AI applications. The acquisition will strengthen...
Couchbase adds Capella columnar service for real-time analytics (Image Credit: getty-images-Ur1VdGufVns-unsplash)

Couchbase adds Capella columnar service for real-time analytics

Couchbase has announced a new Capella columnar service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The announcement has come at AWS re:Invent 2023, taking place in Las...
AWS and Precisely expand AWS mainframe modernisation data replication programme (Image Credit: getty-images-GW2l7nMWOGI-unsplash)

AWS and Precisely expand AWS mainframe modernisation data replication programme

At AWS re:Invent, Precisely has announced it is working with AWS to expand AWS mainframe modernisation data replication with Precisely. It enables customers with...
FullStory (credit image/Pixabay/WOKANDAPIX)

Black Friday: CX teams dealing with ’emergencies and outages’

Research from FullStory sheds light on the key challenges and contradictions in the world of website and mobile app optimisation. FullStory surveyed 700 digital...
iDenfy and ByNoGame deliver secure sales platform (Image Credit: getty-images-sV_kfdeO-Z4-unsplash)

iDenfy and ByNoGame deliver secure sales platform

Lithuanian RegTech vendor iDenfy has partnered with Turkey-based ByNoGame to create a secure sales platform for gaming products. The companies claim that iDenfy's verification...