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Forescout and Advent like an on-off-on again teenage romance

The Forescout and Advent International deal is back on again. Advent International has returned to the table with a US$29.00 per share offer to Forescout shareholders. It comes after Forescout launched...
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Oracle OpenWorld reaches 40

OpenWorld closes for another year. It begun with a typically colourful keynote by Larry Ellison. During the event Oracle managed to publish a total of 40 items, mainly press releases and...
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Sage advice on millennials

Sage has launched a global report entitled Walk With Me. The research carried out in conjunction with Morar and involved 7,400 respondents in 16 different countries. The research focused on millennials that...
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Ofcom calls for BT Openreach divorce

In a strongly worded announcement the telecommunications regulator Ofcom has called for a legal separation between BT and Openreach. Ofcom are clearly either fed up with the rhetoric of BT’s competitors...
Copado Iovio Qualibrate acquisition - image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Copado targets SAP market with IOVIO/Qualibrate acquisition

Copado has acquired Qualibrate, the leading SAP automated testing solution, and its parent company IOVIO, an internationally recognized SAP implementation and technology services company. The acquisition will further extend the capability of...
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Appian unveils integrated RPA solution

Appian World might have been cancelled but that hasn't stopped the low-code platform vendor making announcements. Pick of the crop is its announcement of Appian RPA. Unlike previous Appian enhancements to...
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Eschenbach appointed sole CEO of Workday

Workday has appointed Carl Eschenbach as its sole CEO, effective February 1st 2024. Aneel Bhusri, Co-founder and former Co-CEO, remains in the role of executive chair of the Workday Board of...
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Both Oracle and Rimini Street claim victory at appeal

Both Oracle and Rimini Street have claimed a victory following the ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The case is the latest episode in the...
Oracle buys Moat and Wercker in double acquistion (image credit Pixabay/Meditations)

Oracle makes two acquisitions

Oracle has announced two acquisitions. The two companies are Moat, a digital measurement cloud company and Wercker who provide a container-centric and cloud-native automation platform. Moat analytics Founded in 2007 by brothers Noah...
West Monroe Partners joins Infor Channel Partnership network. (C) 2004

Infor breaks into Oracle and SAP consultants

That Infor has formed an alliance partnership with West Monroe Partners LLC is a sign that the software provider is starting to attack the market share of both SAP and Oracle....


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Is Factorial the rising star of HCM with latest investment

Factorial, the Spanish-based all-in-one business and HR management software for small and medium businesses has raised $80 million in a go-to-market investment from General...
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Zoho taps Redington partner network in India

Redington recently announced a strategic partnership with Zoho. The announcement will see the technology solutions provider acting as a distributor for a range of...
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Software AG launches ARIS AI Companion to identify organisational inefficiencies

Software AG has launched the ARIS AI Companion to enable employees to analyse processes, and identify inefficiencies in their organisation. Thanks to these new...
tsuzumi constellation (Image Credit: NTT Corp)

NTT tsuzumi moves beyond straight text

At Upgrade 2024, NTT Corporation has shown the latest update to tsuzumi, a proprietary lightweight LLM. tsuzumi, is now capable of understanding visual elements...
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Conduktor targets Kafka developers with Conduktor 2.0

Conduktor has launched Conduktor 2.0, the next version of its developer solution, which contains a completely new model. It is targeting Kafka developers looking for...
Deloitte and Clair (c) Clari 2024

Clari teams up with Deloitte Digital for sales transformation

Clari has announced a new strategic alliance with Deloitte Digital. The partnership will see Deloitte Digital offer AI revenue transformation to customers using the...
Makip (image credit/Pixabay/ Steve Adcock

Makip signs its first UK Customer, Batch LDN

Sizing technology specialist, Makip has signed-up its first UK customer, independent fashion brand, Batch LDN. Batch’s online shoppers are now benefiting from Makip’s unique...
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Gathid debuts its patented Identity Model

Gathid has debuted its patented Identity Model. It claims that this sets a new identity and access governance standard. It is built on a...
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Epicor crowns success with major milestone achievement

Epicor has announced the passing of a significant milestone for any SaaS firm by passing $1 billion in ARR revenue. It is a significant...
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Egress targets email abuse with AI-powered feature

Egress has launched its Abuse Mailbox Automation solution to make it easier for users to report phishing emails. The AI-powered feature will inspect and...
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New Twilio study says lack of customer data remains a challenge to AI rewards

Research from Twilio has found businesses are making good progress on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to help power customer interactions. However, the research found...
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CAST AI looks to slash the cost of deploying Generative AI

CAST AI has announced the launch of AI Optimizer at Google Cloud Next '24. The company claims that the AI Optimizer service reduces the...
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Panzura launches Detect and Rescue to deal with ransomware

Panzura has launched a new tool called Panzura Detect and Rescue. It describes it as a solution for near real-time detection and recovery from...
Wasabni AiR (c) 2024 Wasabie

Wasabi leverages AI for video insight retrieval

Wasabi has launched Wasabi AiR a new intelligent storage platform for the sports media and entertainment industries. This is the new name for the...