11:11 Systems is showing customers what cyber resiliency really means – image Licensed under the Unsplash+ License In collaboration with Mike Hindle

11:11 Systems is showing customers what cyber resiliency really means

11:11 Systems is a Managed Infrastructure Solutions Provider (MISP) with data centres in the US, Europe and Asia. Recently, the company has been talking about its focus on Cyber Resiliency. It...
Azul continues to grow and shake up the Java market (Image Credit: Patrick Amoy on Unsplash)

Azul continues to grow and shake up the Java market

Almost 30 years ago, Java first appeared as a programming language. Its promise was Write Once Run Anywhere. It was an immediate hit with developers and created a huge market across...
Ballet Agility Image by Lerey Eric from Pixabay

Bernadette Bulacan evangelises agile contracts and the benefits of CLM

Over the last few months, Icertis has published several reports that look at the importance of technology within the legal and procurement professions. Enterprise Times spoke to Bernadette Bulacan, Chief Evangelist...
Bithuman AI Agents

A conversation with bitHuman

At NRF this week, attendees can experience bitHuman’s lifelike interactive AI Agents who will help them around the show. bitHuman launched last year, and Enterprise Times recently spoke with Steve Gu,...
binoculars future image credit Pixabay/freephotos

ERP Vendors predict the technology that will impact Manufacturers in 2024

It's that time of year when vendors like to predict the year ahead. This year, we decided to be a little more prescriptive. We sent some specific questions to 12 ERP...
Conversation with Kevin Stilwell of SYSPRO - Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A Conversation with SYSPRO

Enterprise Times spoke to Kevin Stilwell, Channel Sales Manager of SYSPRO, EMEA. His role is to develop the UK  market alongside partners. Within the UK, the global ERP has never sold...
Crystal Ball Image Source Freeimages.com/Alberto Grilo

Professional Services Industry predictions for 2024

Predictions for 2024 are popular as the end of the year approaches. Enterprise Times likes to ask vendors for their predictions, asking a few simple questions to gain some insights about...
Conversation with Newgen Software- Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A conversation with Newgen Software

I recently spoke to Varun Goswami, Vice President of Product Management at Newgen Software. Varun joined Newgen in 1997 as a programmer and made the switch to Product Management during his...
Conversation with WSO2 - Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A conversation with WSO2 Founder and CEO – Dr Sanjiva Weerawarana

Enterprise Times recently spoke to Sanjiva Weerawarana, Founder, Director and CEO of WSO2. Founded in 2005, Colombo, Sri Lanka, WSO2 was initially an open-source middleware company. The firm continues to grow...
A conversation with DataArt, Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A conversation with DataArt

Enterprise Times recently spoke with Dmitry Bagrov, UK MD of DataArt. Founded in New York  in 1997, the company has grown steadily. In 2007 it opened two R&D offices in Ukraine,...


Salesforce (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

New Salesforce research shows sustainability optimism despite AI energy demands

Salesforce has released the results of a recent survey of nearly 500 sustainability professionals. The survey found while almost 4 in 10 worry about...
Keepit finds CISOs and CIOs struggling with data protection (Image Credit: getty-images-scSAXdpeyEI-unsplash)

Keepit finds CISOs and CIOs struggling with data protection

Keepit has found that CISOs and CIOs need help with data protection challenges exacerbated by AI and the cloud. Of concern is that both show...
Linx Security raises US$33 million and exits stealth mode (Image Credit: nick-fancher-ekbOPoEdLlw-unsplash)

Linx Security raises US$33 million and exits stealth mode

Linx Security has secured $33 million in funding as it exits stealth mode. Index Ventures and Cyberstarts led the funding round. Mickey Boodaei, Rakesh...
Precisely expands wildfire risk capabilities with new data sets (Image Credit: resource-database-YrA7uHQMS5Y-unsplash)

Precisely Expands Wildfire Risk Capabilities With New Data Sets

Precisely has expanded its Wildfire Risk product. It has added access to additional data and modelling tools. This will give urban planners, insurers and...
NCA takes down DDoS-for-hire Service Digitalstress (Image Credit: NCA)

NCA Takes Down DDoS-for-hire Service Digitalstress

The National Crime Agency (NCA), working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), has infiltrated and taken down a DDoS-for-hire service as part...
nShift (credit image/Pixabay/Alexander Fox)

nShift Research Says Deliveries the Key Difference-maker for GenZ Shoppers

nShift has published research which has highlighted the changing public attitudes to online delivery. The company's guide 'Beyond the box: Turning deliveries into a business-building...
Jumpcloud finds Shadow IT and cyberattacks keep IT teams awake (Image Credit: adam-wilson-6UIonphZA5o-unsplash)

Jumpcloud Finds Shadow IT and Cyberattacks Keep IT Teams Awake

Jumpcloud has released its Q3 2024 SME IT Trends Report, “Detours Ahead: How IT Navigates an Evolving World” (registration required). It highlights concerns over...
SnapLogic (credit image/Pixabay/Davie Bicker)

SnapLogic Announces Partnership With Syndigo to Accelerate Commerce Systems Impact

SnapLogic, a provider of generative integration have announced a strategic partnership with Syndigo, a SaaS commerce data management provider. The partnership will allow enterprises...
ORO Labs becomes worlds first ISO 42001 organisation (Image Credit: getty-images-9ds7BmN2UeE-unsplash)

ORO Labs Becomes Worlds First ISO 42001 Organisation

ORO Labs has become the first organisation in the world to be awarded ISO 42001 certification for AI Systems Management. The ISO standard was...
Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Boku Hires Nat West Veteran as CFO

Boku has announced the appointment of Rob Whittick as its new Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. He joins the AIM-listed company following the...
Optimizely (credit image/Pixabay/Diggity Marketing)

Optimizely launches new SaaS CMS and Visual Builder

Optimizely has launched its SaaS CMS which includes a new Visual Builder. Building upon the company’s reputation in category leadership, this new product is...
Appointment © 2017 Image by Alexander from Pixabay

Pipefy Appoints US Head of Sales

Pipefy has appointed Josh Roth as Vice President of Revenue and Head of US Sales. His appointment follows the departure of Salvatore Tocco at...
RAVEL Orchsterate 2.7 Dashboard for Bare Metal

RAVEL Introduces Bare Metal Build Station

RAVEL has announced the launch of a new capability within RAVEL Orchestrate. Bare Metal Build Station enables IT teams to prepare and deploy customised...
CultureAI closes US$10 million Series A funding round (Image Credit: (getty-images-9ds7BmN2UeE-unsplash)

CultureAI closes US$10 million Series A funding round

CultureAI has closed a US$10 million Series A funding round led by Mercia Ventures and Smedvig Ventures. Two existing investors also took part, Passion...