Sunday, September 27, 2020
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SAS exposes the contradictions in Analytics and the true nature of AI

At its AX (Analytics Experience) event in Milan, the focus of SAS was on data and AI. Unsurprisingly, SAS delivered research it had commissioned that reinforced the importance of analytics –...
If you want to enable digital transformation, the information infrastructure needs to be solid, digital, and modern (c) Nuxeo

Big Content – A Growing Problem

Information is the currency that fuels business. But as information becomes more important, the ability to effectively manage it is eroding. This is due to the exploding volumes, variety, and velocity...
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How do you manage your resources

Managing resources is something we all do, all day, every day. Being observant of our finances and our timekeeping are just two resources we juggle on a daily basis. Many of us...
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How can resource management create more hours in the day?

Earning a living and pushing the boundaries in the workplace can be exciting and exhilarating. It can also be stressful and overwhelming. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health...
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10 Best Cities for Tech Career Opportunities

If you work in Tech, you’ll know it’s one of the fastest growing industries. Digital jobs are fast becoming a necessity for strong growth and the professionals that work within this...

Crytojacking 101; why cryptojacking is bad for business

Thanks to the popularity and press around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, cyber criminals have already found ways to use your PCs and laptops to help them earn more money. Here’s everything...
What to expect at Adobe MAX

Can Adobe deliver a blockbuster in LA with Adobe XD?

Adobe MAX – the creativity conference – left Las Vegas and is now back in LA after a two-year road trip. MAX covers the ever-increasing breadth of Adobe’s Creative Cloud portfolio that...
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How safe is your business? – 5 Steps to Cyber Security

With new threats appearing daily, cyber security is becoming increasingly important and complex, yet many business owners don’t have the bandwidth to take the trend seriously. Most news stories have focused...
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How can technology help with time management?

In the past 15 years the growth of technology has gone above and beyond expectations. Smart watches, tablets, smart phones and social media have changed the working environment forever. Used correctly, technology...
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Why Choose Native Graph

Graph databases have been the fastest growing of any database category in the last five years. There is growing awareness that connected data is the raw material for business success. Neo4j...


Elia Group

Elia Group + Energy Web launch partnership based around EW-DOS

Elia Group and Energy Web (EW) are to partner in a multi-year strategy. This will focus on testing and validating the technological promises of...
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MineralTree raises $50 million and makes double acquisition

Payments automation solution provider Mineral Tree has raised $50 million in a Series D funding round. It was led by existing investors Great Hill...
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atSpoke doubles down on Slack integration

atSpoke continues to enhance its workplace operations platform. Its latest announcement sees further enhancements to the atSpoke for Slack integration. It builds on announcements...
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Report highlights CMS digital experience innovation gap

Contentful has released results of the industry’s largest-ever survey of digital leaders and content creators. While 90% of respondents believe delivering digital experiences is...
ConnectWise launches bug bounty programme (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

ConnectWise launches bug bounty programme

ConnectWise has launched a bug bounty programme to improve the quality of its software. The programme will be managed by HackerOne, who run programmes...
TikTok spreading scam apps for iOS and Android (Image Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay)

TikTok accounts spreading scam apps for iOS and Android

Avast has discovered rogue TikTok accounts promoting adware scam apps on iOS and Android. To compound matters, these are apps that have been approved...

HIBCC and Chronicled offer HIN data integration within MediLedger blockchain

HIBCC (the Health Industry Business Communications Council) is partnering with Chronicled to make its Health Industry Number (HIN) System available to registered HIN licensees....

Salesforce announces Digital 360 – transforming customer engagement

Salesforce has launched Digital 360, a new platform bringing together key components and new innovations in the Salesforce Customer 360. The solution helps digital...
Will DisrupTor help take down more dark web marketplaces? (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

Will DisrupTor help take down more dark web marketplaces?

DisrupTor, a joint operation between the US Department of Justice, Europol and other JCODE members struck yesterday. It has resulted in over 176 arrests,...

Hedera now processes 1.5M transactions/day, surpassing Ethereum

Hedera Hashgraph is delivering on significant milestones - achieved during the first year of availability of open access of its network (in September, 2019)....
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Home office under fire for 120% surge in data loss incidents

The UK Home Office recorded a 120% surge in data loss incidents over the two most recent financial years. There were 1,895 individual incidents...
Would you ransomware test your IT infrastructure? (Image Credit: Michael Geiger on Unsplash)

Would you ransomware test your IT infrastructure?

Ransomware attacks continue to proliferate, and organisations continue to pay to get their data back. In the last week, the UK National Cyber Security...

HPB hardware random numbers decentralised applications

The HPB blockchain proposes a distributed and verifiable hardware random number solution with a designed-in incentive mechanism. This emerges from a blockchain project combining...
Rise in outbound email drives increase in data breaches (Image Credit: Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash)

Rise in outbound email drives increase in data breaches

A rise in outbound email, driven by COVID-19 and work from home, is being blamed for an increase in data breaches. Overall, 93% of...