Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Outsourcing IT more pros than cons

Businesses have been agonising over the pros and cons of outsourcing for years. In today’s competitive marketplaces, the consensus is that organisations need to run lean, and outsourcing, particularly among larger...
Germany Flag with Healthcare IMage credit PIxabay/Mohamed1982eg & Isakarakus

Healthcare: How cloud could really take off in Germany

The digital transformation of healthcare is a global phenomenon. It is vastly seen as a means to making healthcare delivery more efficient, safer and more encompassing of patient needs as well...
Technology-led investment is the future of property, and can help solve the UK’s housing crisis - image credit MobyMotion from Pixabay

Technology-led investment is the future of property, and can help solve the UK’s housing...

For the UK property market, 2020 has so far been a positive year. According to latest figures from Halifax, house prices increased by 0.3% in February, up 2.8% on the same...
Two heads outside Humboldt university - IBM and Salesforce Image Credit pixabay/ateloiv

Why two heads are better than one for IBM and Salesforce in AI

On Monday 6th March 2017, IBM and Salesforce announced they will form a strategic partnership centred on their Artificial Intelligent (AI) and cognitive computing products: IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein. While...
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Investment and funding for your business

Many businesses need funding and/or investment to be able to develop their product, launch it to market or expand into new countries. The common route is to give away an equity...
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Cash flow management tips every CFO should know

‘Cash is king’ is a term often heard in business conversation and often not given the respect it deserves.  Cash flow is the bloodline of a business and therefore effective management...
4 ways that HR teams can use Identity and Access Management (IAM) for secure remote working - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

4 ways that HR teams can use Identity and Access Management (IAM) for secure...

As businesses start to take tentative steps out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still seeking to understand what our ‘new normal’ is.  Against the backdrop of an ongoing pandemic, we...

Four common challenges in public and private sector Cloud – Navigate the landscape for...

Moving into 2020, there are a number of Cloud computing challenges that both public and private sectors continue to wrestle with, namely: resourcing, data sovereignty and choice of Cloud provider. As...
Using cloud migration to power digital transformation - image credit - Kranich17 from Pixabay

Using cloud migration to power digital transformation

Cloud is no longer just a way to streamline processes, it’s a major differentiator. The cloud has become essential to businesses thriving in an ever-changing world. Migrating to the cloud has...
Cyber security predictions from Firemon (Image Credit: Taskin Ashiq on Unsplash)

2020 Cyber predictions from Andrew Lintell, VP EMEA for FireMon

Security is top of mind for the C-Suite. Breaches leading to compliance fines bring the very real threat of a company being put out of business. It is not just flaws...


(Image credit/Pixabay) US SMB survey finds rapid digitisation among small businesses

0 has announced the results of its US B2B Small and Medium Business (SMB) Survey. The company has also launched a new Digitisation...
Pulseway Network Monitoring topology map

Pulseway adds Network Monitoring

Pulseway has announced the availability of a network monitoring feature. It will allow MSPs and internal IT departments to actively monitor their clients network...
Wrike Marketing Performance

Wrike delivers new experiences

At its virtual conference, Wrike Collaborate 2020 this week, Wrike unveiled a mix of new features and platform updates for its customers and prospects....
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Mavenlink now helps to build the best project team

Mavenlink revealed its latest update this week. It has focused on improving its resource management capabilities. Key to this update is Team Builder. It...
How intelligent is your workplace?  (Image Credit: Mimi Thian on Unsplash)

How intelligent is your workplace?

The NTT 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report is out (registration required). The focus is on what the workplace will look like as we move on...
Video Conference (Image Credit: Tumisu from Pixabay)

Act-On automates Zoom marketing webinars

Act-On Software has launched a new integration with Zoom. The leading growth marketing automation platform is enabling users to administrate webinars using Zoom. At...
Argos Risk delivers financial risk intelligence to BlueVoyant (Image Credit: Charles Forerunner on Unsplash)

Argos Risk delivers financial risk intelligence to BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant has signed a strategic partnership with Argos Risk to expand its CRx suite of services. The deal gives BlueVoyant access to the third-party...

CMA CGM and MSC complete TradeLens integration

Major global container carriers CMA CGM and MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) have integrated onto TradeLens. The digital platform runs on IBM Cloud/IBM Blockchain...
DoJ takes on Russian military malware team (Image Credit: Alexander Semenov)

DoJ takes on Russian military malware team

Six members of a Russian military malware and cybercrime group have been indicted by the US Department of Justice. The indictment stops short of...
COVID Work Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Salesforce takes from survive to thrive

Salesforce has released a major update for its platform. The platform aims to deliver a mix of solutions and services that assists...
Kaspersky spots new version of GravityRAT (Image Credit: Johnson Martin from Pixabay)

Kaspersky spots new version of GravityRAT

Kaspersky has identified a new piece of Android spyware related to GravityRAT. The spyware has undergone several updates and is now multiplatform. Kaspersky has...
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Embodee announces beta availability of new web platform for 3D fashion products

Embodee has launched a 3D web platform that integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation. The company creates virtual renderings of 3D apparel...
VetSecCon 2020

VetSecCon shows veterans the way forward in cybersecurity

VetSecCon 2020, a convention focused on veterans wanting to get into or currently employed in cybersecurity has just taken place. The event took place...
Athennian and re

Athennian adds visualisation expertise with Redox Technologies

Athennian is to acquire Redox Technologies, a Montreal based tax visualisation startup. The press release refers to this deal as an acqui-hire. This infers...