Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Tips for choosing a trading broker in the UK -image credit - Csaba Nagyfrom Pixabay

Tips for choosing a trading broker in the UK

Until the late 20th century, Forex trading was only accessible to institutions. Today, large banks and corporations exchange currencies alongside individuals. Retail traders in the UK monitor finance trends and make...
The road ahead is full of danger when starting up a business (Image Credit Freeimages/D. Carlton

Starting up a business: Avoid the common mistakes

I set up my business in 2009 and now I am 7 years in and growing strong, but I made many mistakes along the way. The secret to success was accepting...
Germany Flag with Healthcare IMage credit PIxabay/Mohamed1982eg & Isakarakus

Healthcare: How cloud could really take off in Germany

The digital transformation of healthcare is a global phenomenon. It is vastly seen as a means to making healthcare delivery more efficient, safer and more encompassing of patient needs as well...
Should AP contribute to positive buyer - supplier relationships - image credit from

Should AP contribute to positive buyer/supplier relationships?

A common view of the Accounts Payable (AP) function sees it as a hidebound, bureaucratic, back-office necessity where the primary task is to protect the buying enterprise from suppliers. This is...
Mechanic on aircraft Image credit Pixabay/12019

Enabling MROs and Aviation Parts Business with a frictionless supply chain

MRO challenges – setting the scene Contemplate a situation where an aircraft cannot fly because the right spare part and/or engineering team is not available. The operator faces passengers, or cargo shippers,...
GTP and The Evolution of Roaming -Image by Pexels from Pixabay

GTP and The Evolution of Roaming

Mobile traffic using GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) has exploded over the last couple years. This is largely due to the elimination of international roaming price barriers that previously discouraged subscribers from...
The Paradox at the Heart of Securing Digital Transformation - Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The Paradox at the Heart of Securing Digital Transformation

Whether it is an EPOS system at a fast food venue or large display system at a public transport hub, interactive kiosks are becoming popular and trusted conduits for transacting valuable...
What to expect at Adobe MAX

Can Adobe deliver a blockbuster in LA with Adobe XD?

Adobe MAX – the creativity conference – left Las Vegas and is now back in LA after a two-year road trip. MAX covers the ever-increasing breadth of Adobe’s Creative Cloud portfolio that...
Electrocardiogram health pharma IMage credit pixabay/GDJ

Data quality – the key to ensuring big data is good data

Big data has grown exponentially in recent years as new technologies have enabled the capture of data at an unprecedented volume and rate. In healthcare, analysis of big data has helped...
3 blockchain books

3 blockchain books to distract in a Covid-19 constrained world

Three books, each in their very different ways, explore blockchain in a variety of settings, from the commercial to the invented. While Covid-19  is constraining many levels of commercial activity...


Coffee Starbucks Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Expensify reveals how business expense changed in 2020

Expensify has published the Annual Spend Trends Report. It looks at how businesses expense patterns evolved during 2020. The pandemic massively impacted the report...
Three active exploits hit Apple mobile users (Image Credit: Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash)

Three active exploits hit Apple device users

Apple has released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 to address three vulnerabilities that have been actively exploited. The company has provided very little detail...

ECB, EC and other European institutions ramp up involvement in CBDCs and digital settlement

European institutional proactive involvement in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) has ramped up in the past two weeks. The Banque de France announced that...
COVID Vaccine Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

ServiceNow aids NHS Scotland for vaccination program

NHS Scotland plans to vaccinate 5.5 million people in 90 days with the assistance of a vaccine management solution built on the ServiceNow Platform....
(Credit image/Pixabay/AN_Photos)

Zadig & Voltaire launches back office systems with Aptos centralised planning platform

High-end fashion retailer Zadig & Voltaire has recently gone live with Aptos’ Allocation & Replenishment and Commercial Buying Session solutions. The implementation provides Zadig...
IBM i marketplace continues to expand (Image Credit: johannes groll on unsplash)

IBM i marketplace continues to expand

HelpSystems has published its seventh annual IBM i Marketplace Survey. It shows that use of the IBM i platform has surged during the pandemic. What makes...
Gamarue malware found on laptops for schools (Image Credit: AHMED HINDAWI on Unsplash)

Gamarue malware found on laptops for schools

Malware connecting to servers hosted in Russia has been found on laptops provided to schools. The malware was found when laptops provided by the...
(Credit image/pixabay/ Alexas_Fotos)

Forter publishes new report on retail revenue loss

Forter has published a new report identifying a major problem that could be costing retailers millions every year. The report, ‘Are new shoppers falling...
(Credit image/Pixabay/ Hulki Okan Tabak )

Acquia launches digital commerce solution

Acquia has partnered with commercetools and Lucidworks to launch Acquia Digital Commerce. The solution supports marketers to integrate data, content, commerce, and digital merchandising...
SonicWall admits to attack on SMA software (Image Credit: XPS on Unsplash)

SonicWall admits to attack on SMA software

Firewall and network security vendor SonicWall has issued a set of security advisories since Friday. It has warned: "SonicWall identified a coordinated attack on...
Reputations (c) Reputation

Less is more as becomes Reputation

0, the leader in reputation experience management, has rebranded to Reputation. It has simplified its logo at the same time whilst retaining a nod...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up for Week 3

This is a Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ for Week 3. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be...
(credit image/pixabay/kalhh)

Namogoo launches intent-based promotions solution

Namogoo, a provider of digital journey continuity platform, has launched an Intent-Based Promotions solution. The solution helps retailers of all sizes with automated incentives...
Ohme moves to make EV charging as cheap as possible (Image Credit: Ohme)

Ohme moves to make EV charging as cheap as possible

Ohme has launched the Ohme App, a free smart charging app for electric vehicles (EV). The app contains many of the features currently only...