Monday, August 20, 2018
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Clive Howard is a technology consultant and Entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in the web industry. He started his career as a developer in digital agencies before founding his own consultancy in 2002. The last 2 years have been spent delivering strategic “User Experience” improvement programmes that have enhanced business effectiveness and customer engagement. His clients have ranged from one person start-ups to global brands that span industries as diverse as Healthcare, Entertainment, Publishing and Finance. He has a passion for innovation and technology that demonstrates sustainable benefits for businesses and their customers.


Marap downloader uses evasion techniques

Millions of emails spreading the Marap downloader

Researchers at Proofpoint have identified a new malware downloader they have called Marap. It is being used in a new email malspam campaign aimed...
FlawedAmmyy RAT targets users in banks

Malspam campaign drops FlawedAmmyy RAT

Trustwave has spotted a new malspam (malware spam) campaign posing as an invoice. Malspam emails with infected invoices are nothing new. Most organisations see...

MedChain and Cognition Foundry to use blockchain and IBM technology  

MedChain, a start-up building globally compliant healthcare blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps) for electronic medical records (EMRs), has announced it is teaming up with...
Okta finds Microsoft MFA vulnerability

Vulnerability hits Microsoft MFA

Multifactor Authentication is seen as the solution to weak password-based security. Unfortunately, like any solution, it is just as prone to vulnerabilities as anything...
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Oracle punches Rimini Street hard in court

Oracle has issued an almost gleeful announcement after its latest win in its ongoing litigation battle against Rimini Street. In contrast Rimini Street issued...

Partnership to accelerate space exploration through blockchain

Goonhilly Earth Station (Goonhilly), the UK satellite communications and space gateway, has announced it is collaborating with space blockchain technology pioneers, Spacebit. Their intention...
KeyPass ransomware starts to spread

KeyPass is the latest ransomware to hit computers

In the last week security researchers from several companies have reported seeing a new ransomware. It is called KeyPass and, according to Bleeping Computer,...
Cyber Resiliency with Felicity March

Talking Cyber Resilience with Felicity March

The risk of a business threatening cyber-attack is ever present today. Ransomware locks up data making it hard for businesses to operate. The impact...
Confiant detects largest single day malvertising attack

4 million malvertising hits blocked in a single day

Confiant has revealed that on 11 June it blocked the biggest single-day malware redirect ever seen. The attack lasted for more than 7.5 hours...
Do you have sufficient in-house cyber security skills?

Do you have sufficient in-house cyber security skills?

Struggling to find staff with cyber security skills? Can't find affordable staff to protect your data? That's not the case for customers of backup...
Duo Security investigates Twitter bots

Duo Security hunts Twitter Bots

There is considerable attention on the problem of fake social media accounts. These accounts are enrolled into botnets that are used to push fake...

 Hackers give the Fax a new lease of life

Forgotten about that fax in the corner of the office? Once the ‘must have’ communications device in every office, it has since be usurped...

mPOS devices open to fraud and theft

UPDATED (see bottom of article) Positive Technologies has published a list of vulnerabilities in mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology. The vulnerabilities allow malicious merchants to change...
Ethical hacking jobs outstrip demand

Ethical hacking jobs outstrip demand

Want a new job? Want one with a big pay packet where a shortage of competition means salaries will stay high for years to...