Analogue Black Box (Image credit Pixabay announced two new features alongside a new report that it has published. Find out more from the Digital Labor Study 2024 report here. Both new features are now live within Starboard, the first CRM for AI that Sailes announced earlier this year, Sailebot 2.0. The two features are Digital Labor Live and ROI Live.

Digital Labor Live provides a live feed for sales execs (captains) to view what is happening with their Sailebots in real-time. Sales teams can see what their Sailebot AI agents are doing with notifications that highlight actionable opportunities and detail metrics such as AIQLs (AI Qualified Leads), emails, and referrals as they occur.

Scarlett Luciano, Product Owner at Sailes (image credit - LinkedIn/Scarlett Luciano)
Scarlett Luciano, Product Owner at Sailes

Scarlett Luciano, Product Owner at Sailes, says in a supporting video (Episode 3 of Sailes Report), “This means that a captain, just like you and I, are sitting next to each other, and we’re in the office, and we’re typing away and busy working. It gives those captains the ability to see their fleet working in real time. When those robots get an email, when they respond when they get a referral, and they get a signal. You’re going to see animations come to life to really see those robots working, which is kind of cool.”

Measuring Productivity with ROI Live

In the background, the platform tracks Sailebot activity. It tracks what each active Sailebot is doing and identifies how it is helping with resource management and efficiency with metrics such as the hours saved. Each AI created may be slightly different and return different results.

ROI Live is a new tool that enables the sales team to view a tangible return on investment based on the digital labor performed by their Sailebots. It can track elements such as:

  • Pipeline growth
  • Manual tasks automated by the Sailebot

The bot works around the clock, tracking new prospect data as it unfolds dynamically, allowing executives to understand how performant each bot is.

Luciano commented, “Live ROI allows you to know, okay, what am I getting out of this? What is my fleet contributing? With? I hear digital labor and I know that’s a lot of tasks. But what does that give me? You get an idea of the pipeline they’re building? How much are you saving? What your contact data looks like, and they’re your potential pipeline of that. So it gives you a little bit more insight for you to know, how they’re doing and how to work with the team to work alongside you.”

The intent is for sales teams to understand what bots are achieving. Luciano added, “This gives you another step into the visibility of what AI is and what it’s doing, and then allows you to take that and enhance your own people.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While these may be small features, they are critical to building trust in AI. Often, vendors look to introduce automations that people then rely on with their AI. However, with Digital Labor Live Sales team can see what their bots are doing in real time. It gives them the human oversight to understand the ROI but also, potentially, course correct the AI if something is going wrong, or the human perhaps detects an anomaly.

These insights are two-way. The sales team member can not only see where an AI might improve; it might also open up new opportunities that they hadn’t been aware of they can later exploit themselves. Another factor is that this gives sales leaders measurable statistics about the success of the Sailebot implementation in real-time, rather than having to reflect after six months using static reports.


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