Android Robot Image Credit Pixabay/RonyMichaudSailes has published the Digital Labor Study, 2024. The study examines how the Sailes technology has benefitted customers. It looks at the automation that Sailebots has achieved for customers. The study was conducted in collaboration with The Bridge Group. The report was based on findings from the Sailes 2023 Book of Business Data and The Bridge Group 2024 SaaS AE Report.

Sailes also announced two new features in its product.

Digital Labor refers to the work that Sailebots performs within the Sales operations for customer firms. Sailebots are unique because each Sailebot aims to mirror the way that an individual sales exec works and accelerate productivity. Sailes estimate that the Sailebots help multiple outputs by 15 times and conduct a year’s worth of sales intelligence within a few weeks. The result is that sales execs can spend more time on human interaction and closing than administration and research.

The Key Findings from the Report

Sailes highlighted 4 key findings from the report that push the benefits of its product:

  • 3,000% Increase in ROI: Paired with a human, Sailebot delivers an outstanding return on investment for sales teams.
  • 15x Monthly Task Output: Substantial enhancement in productivity.
  • 6x Cost Efficiency: Dramatic reduction in operational expenses.
  • 97x Efficiency Increase: Overall improvement in sales efficiency.

Of more interest, perhaps, is the analysis conducted by The Bridge Group that looked at the productivity of traditional Sales teams. It found:

  • Traditional AEs: Typically require 5.7 months to complete about 7,182 prospecting activities, resulting in around 1 deal worth $67,000. Sailebot achieves better results in just 49 days, handling 540% more tasks in that time.
  • Sales professionals manage about 2,184 prospecting activities each month – with the AI-powered Sailebot, this number jumps to 19,731 tasks.
  • Sailebots increase an AE’s pipeline contribution from 30% to 65%.
Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of Sailes (image credit - LinkedIn/Nick Smith)
Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of Sailes

Nick Smith, CEO and Founder of Sailes, commented, “By leveraging Sailebot capabilities, enterprises can dramatically reduce ramp time for new AEs, enabling them to become revenue positive much faster. This strategic deployment of Sailebots for every AE shortens ramp time and significantly enhances productivity, creating a compelling ROI story from the first deployment.”

What is in the report

The 25-page report is divided into three main sections after an introduction from Nick Smith, President, CEO & Founder of Sailes, Inc. The three main sections are followed by an Appendix. This provides a breakdown of some of the statistics highlighted in the report by sector. The report has some interesting data visualisations and limited commentary and analysis. There is also a lot of padding within the report. The three sections are:

What is Digital Labor

Defined as ”Digital Labor is the sum of prospecting tasks conducted by the Sailebot, such as sourcing contacts, emailing contacts, reading responses, following-up on referrals, sourcing news and more.” The report sheds some light on the amount of automations that Sailebots has achieved.


The most interesting section highlights the decline in meaningful quality conversations from 8.0 per day in 2014 to only 3.6 in 2022. The report then looks at sales team activity. Sadly this is not a trend analysis like the meaningful conversation. But shows a daily median of 40 phone calls and 40 emails. More metrics are examined, with a comprison between Sailebots and people. With a sample view of how Sailebots are aligned within a sample organisation.

Impact of Sailebots

The section examines the amount of tasks that a Sailebot accomplishes in addition to the human AE. The results are impressive. A human can do 7.5 tasks per hour, a Sailebot 117. Notably, Sailes does not shy away from the cost of each Sailebot. Estimating the average AE salary of $100,000, with a Sailebot calculated at $16,248. The key here is they cannot take over from humans; supplement them. Effectively, an organisation can create a team of 15 virtual sales execs for a sixth of the cost! These new virtual AEs can do it faster and better. Delivering an estimated 1,191.96% ROI, compared to 141.05% ROI for an actual AE.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a very lightweight report in terms of depth. The data analysed by Sailes comes from its platform. One assumes, all the data it has access to across its customer base. However, it isn’t clear what data was analysed. Whether it was data from the CRM system or especially for the financial information from the firm’s ERP.

The point that Sailes is making is that Sailebots can make a huge difference in the right organisation. While there was one quote from a customer to support the findings, there could have been more. The challenge with creating this aggregated data is that every company is unique. Sailes might have added links to case studies that would show how firms within specific industries have benefitted from Sailebots.


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