Doors Appointment Image by Esa Riutta from PixabayRemofirst, the Employer of Record HR solution vendor has announced the appointment of two executives to its management team. Elizabeth Finn Payne (CPA) joined the company in March as Senior Vice President of Finance. Ki Lin Tay (Esq.) joined in May as General Counsel & Head of People.

As with other Remofirst employees, they will work from their chosen location. Payne will work from Boston, and Tay from Los Angeles. Remofirst operates a remote staffing policy with employees based across the US and in 20 other countries across the world.

Nurasyl Serik, CEO and Co-Founder of Remofirst (image credit - LinkedIn/Nurasyl Serik)
Nurasyl Serik, CEO and Co-Founder of Remofirst

Nurasyl Serik, CEO and Co-Founder of Remofirst commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth and Ki Lin to the Remofirst leadership team, bringing expertise and perspectives that will help drive us to continued growth and excellence. As leaders, they bring a wealth of experience that aligns perfectly with our mission to redefine the future of global employment. We are confident that their contributions will bring us to new heights and help us better serve our clients around the world.”

Who is Elizabeth Finn Payne

Payne joins Remofirst with over 18 years of experience in finance and accounting. Having started her career with KMPG in Audit. After leaving KPMG, she expanded her experience in accounting firms. She lead audit and advisory teams at Edelstein & Company, LLP, High Street Partners, and RADIUS.

She joins from Akoya Biosciences where she rose from Corporate Financial Controller to Vice President FP&A over a five-year stint at the company. Prior to that role, she worked for Globalization Partners on the business side. She joined as a Director of Client Services and interim Controller before rising to become Senior Director of Client Services and then Senior Director of Global Expansion. Before Globalization Partners she was Controller at WuXi NextCODE.

Payne holds a B.A. in Sociology from the College of the Holy Cross. She also has an MBA and a Master of Science in Accountancy and Financial Management from the University of San Diego.

Who is Ki Lin Tay

Tay joins Remofirst from Vcheck Global where she was Chief People Officer and General Counsel for the global due diligence and background investigations company. She helped ready the company for acquisition. Tay assisted the successful exit to Sunstone Partners, who made a strategic investment in November 2021.

She also headed legal affairs and employee-related HR services at Bambee. Giving her even more experience in the HR tech sector. She supported the company through 6x growth and built the Legal Affairs & HR Services functions from the ground up.

Earlier in her career she worked in law firms such as Levitt LLP,  Rothmann & Associates, and McCarthy Tétrault, with a focus on employment law. Tay holds a B.A. in Law and Sociolegal Theory from York University (Canada). She also holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Windsor (Canada). She is a member of the State Bar of California and the Provincial Bar of Ontario, Canada.

On joining the company, Tay posted on LinkedIn, writing, “I’m thrilled to be joining the incredible team at Remofirst as General Counsel & Head of People!

“Grateful to join a company that values the democratization and freedom of work. I can’t wait to build and innovate with all of you at Remofirst at such an exciting stage of our growth.”

Tay’s experience working for HRtech SaaS vendors in the global arena will have given her strong insights into some of the challenges that Remofirst and its clients face.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Both are joining a company that received a $25 million Series A funding round earlier this year. The funding has helped Serik to build a management team that can help the company through a period of growth. Remofirst now offers services for more than 180 countries. These appointments are no doubt the “key hires” that Serik mentioned in the funding announcement. There are still 17 open positions as the firm continues to hire for growth.

Both hires have strong, relevant experience and the potential to grow with the organisation. Payne has a business and accounting background and, as the company grows, would be considered a potential CFO. Tay provides a rare combination of skill sets as a chief people officer and general counsel. As the company grows, will it need a dedicated General Council or a dedicated Chief People Officer, Tay could do either. That, however, is a decision Serik may have to make in the future.


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