Unisize image - https://makip.co.jp/20240617.htmlMakip, the company behind Unisize, has announced that the platform will now enable customers to try on any clothing regardless of their gender. Before now, the platform would only allow men to try on male clothing and females to try on female clothing.

This had two impacts, where customers shared a PC in a family abode, it meant that multiple shoppers from different genders were often unable to select the clothing they wanted on the Unisize platform. In addition, newnow, a company that already uses Unisize, made the following request, “make it possible for men to try on women’s items and women to try on men’s items.”

With these two justifications, both of which Unisize considered and agreed to in principle, the platform has been changed. Customers who leverage Unisize to “try out” clothing are now able to try out clothing no matter what their gender.

Miyuki Uesugi, Creative Vision Director of newnow, commented, “Regarding newnow’s sizes, we basically offer sizes from S to L. We offer sizes so that both men and women can freely choose their sizes. At newnow, I will be the stylist and will make suggestions on coordination. During fittings, I will choose the exact size depending on the person’s mood, or I may suggest an oversized size.

“Wearing an exact size can make your body lines look beautiful, while wearing an oversized size can add a sense of fashion and enhance your fashion sense. So during fittings, you can try on different sizes of the same item to enjoy a fresh look.”

What is important for customers is that no matter what their body shape they will be able to try on the clothing that fits them. Regardless of the gender assignation of that clothing. newnow makes women’s fashion and unisex clothing. Using Unisize, customers can now select and view what the various creations will look like as they shop.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

For many people, this is not about dressing deliberately in clothes of the opposite gender. Though for some, it will be. Where this announcement and change really stands out is the ability for women or men to shop for clothes that fit them best.

In a world where there are at least 72 different gender types, Unisize has decided to eliminate the gender bias towards men and women. Which often means people get pigeonholed into one type of clothing or another.

History has shown that clothing preferences change. In the 19th century, boys wore pink and girls blue. Today, Unisize might help a similar revolution on a wide scale.


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