Alchemer Pulse (c) Alchemer 2024Alchemer, the vendor behind one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective enterprise feedback management platforms on the market, has announced Alchemer Pulse. The new AI-powered solution will instantly turn textual customer feedback into insights that organisations can act on. It reveals not only the direct insights from quantitative and qualitative feedback it can also analyse the information to provide sentiment analysis.

Ultimately, this will allow organisations to:

  • Detect and triage issues faster
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Prioritize the right issues and releases

Textual feedback from customers is an abundant source of information for businesses. However, before the advent of AI, it has been nearly impossible to extract the majority of information it obtains. Alchemer Pulse intends to provide such a solution, with the ability to extract the data that is relevant to customer support and customer success teams.

Alchemer Pulse first draws together all the open text feedback from customers across multiple languages (over 100) and channels, which include:

  • Returns Surveys
  • NPS Survey
  • Trustpilot
  • App Store
  • X/Twitter
  • Other channels

Alchemer Pulse Dashboards and Alerts

Alchemer Pulse displays the relevant comments in a single location for users to view. It will identify the relevant sentiment and themes included in every piece of feedback, such as brand loyalty, product design, product quality, price, customer satisfaction and more. It creates an easy-to-understand visual of how these themes are evolving with the ability to create dashboards relevant to the theme investigate.

Dashboards can indicate metrics across areas, including customer experience, product feedback, Customer support and the digital experience. Each dashboard provides data visualisations relevant to the area of concern. They include trending information, and as actions are taken to initiate improvements, users can track the success of those changes.

David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer (IMAGE CREDIT - LinkedIn/David Roberts)
David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer

David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer, commented, “Whether it’s from review sites, comments in surveys, or social posts, understanding unstructured customer feedback is difficult because of the volume, complexity, and nature of the data. Alchemer Pulse takes the noise and turns it into very clear, understandable signals that, when acted upon, drive meaningful business results.”

Pulse can also be proactive. Users can set up alerts and notifications enabling business leaders to be proactive to issues rather than reactive. The platform enables users to set up alerts for:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Metric Changes
  • New feedback received
  • Schedule a report/dashboard creation

For example, an alert could be sent if NPS drops below 60. The communication channels support for alerts include a Slack notification, email, Zendesk ticket or Webhook.

Leveraging AI

Alchemer has teamed up with Chattermill, the customer and sentiment feedback analysis platform. The strategic partnership has helped to create Alchemer Pulse and bring the power of LLMs to its customer base. Alchemer Pulse ensures that the data collected and analysed is relevant to the audience, as it specifically relates to the customer or products concerned.

Alchemer Pulse is not a random trawling of internet feeds, which could lead to hallucinations, but something more focused. However, the information provided does not indicate how feedback from the X (Twitter) channels is curated to reduce the risk of hallucinations. The new solution brings the power of AI to customer support in a way that is real and brings direct benefits, enabling firms to take advantage of the source of information that open text information can provide.

Where firms can further enhance the value is in the creation of more focused qualitative questions to create textual answers that they might not once have had the resources to analyse. Alchemer Pulse opens up the possibilities for extracting further insights from wider, open questions.

John Pimm, Chief Operations Officer, IRC, commented, “Alchemer Pulse turned our research strategy on its head. Now, I can free our respondents to write exactly what they want, and I can get exactly what I want out of it. Results are delivered in minutes and hours not days.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Sometimes, the implementation of AI-backed technology is less about what it can directly achieve and more about how it can change business processes in ways that were not possible before. This is definitely the case with Alchemer Pulse. Business surveys are often quantitative, mainly for the speed of analysis that the limiting tool of Excel usually provides.

Alchemer Pulse will enable organisations to ask qualitative questions at scale, and be able to analyse the responses in real time.

Historically, analysing open text feedback has been difficult, requiring manual tagging and sorting of each response. The time and expense of the analysis often made asking open-ended questions prohibitive when insights are needed at scale. That is no longer the case, Alchemer Pulse could change how firms look at surveys.


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