Conjointly (credit image/Pixabay/ Andreas Breitling)Conjointly, an all-in-one survey research platform has today announced a new partnership with Cint, a provider in digital insights gathering. The partnership aims to improve data quality and reduce survey fraud for their users. The partnership allows Conjointly and Cint to directly connect via a server-to-server integration. This effectively eliminates “ghost completes” – fraudulent survey responses that appear to be complete but lack any real data from a respondent. Respondent status updates are handled through secure API calls between servers, eliminating interference risks by keeping critical data flows behind the scenes.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Nik Samoylov)
Nik Samoylov, Founder of Conjointly

According to Nik Samoylov, Founder of Conjointly, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Cint. Data quality and fraud prevention have been long-standing challenges in the market research industry. By integrating with Cint, we help Conjointly users receive high quality insights from real, engaged respondents.”

Reducing the rise of survey fraud

The server-to-server integration between Conjointly and Cint will streamline the survey distribution process, reducing the risk of fraudulent responses. This enhanced data integrity will enable market researchers to make more informed decisions based on reliable and accurate data.

Harvey Tran, Head of Customer Success ANZ, Cint, commented, “Ensuring that our partners receive the best quality data is a top priority at Cint. We are very pleased to continue working closely with Nik and Conjointly as we’ve been doing over the years. We strongly believe that this partnership will yield great results for their users. Taking the next step in the continued development of industry best practice.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

The Conjointly and Cint integration is now live. This server-to-server integration is expected to reduce the issue of “ghost completes.” A ghost complete occurs when a survey respondent qualifies for an incentive, and it appears they’ve completed the survey, but no data is collected. By gaming the system, ghost completes occur when a respondent uses unencrypted redirect links. Conjointly users can immediately begin leveraging Cint’s extensive respondent network and advanced fraud detection capabilities within the Conjointly platform. As a result, the integration should improve data quality and reduce survey fraud for their users.


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