Acquisition Epicor of KYKLO Image credit has announced the acquisition of KYKLO for an undisclosed amount. KYKLO is a leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) and content-driven lead generation solutions to drive sales for manufacturers and distributors. The company was founded in Bangkok and has offices there and in New York. Founded by Remi Ducrocq (CEO) and Fabien Legouic (CTO).

The acquisition brings a strong product information management capability alongside a composable commerce solution for manufacturers and distributors for Epicor. It brings it closer to achieving the vision of an AI-driven cognitive ERP that will change ERP from being a system of record to a system of record, insights and action.

A long list of manufacturers, including Mitsibshi Electric, SFP, and Lydey Automation, use KYKLO. Jim Brys, Corporate Director of Distribution at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, commented about KYKLO, “The best lead-generation tool we’ve ever developed. KYKLO has not only developed e-commerce sites for Mitsubishi Electric Automation Distributors but they also developed our webstore, The Mitsubishi Electric Automation webstore, which is the best lead-generation tool we’ve ever developed.”

Steve Murphy, Epicor CEO (Image credit/Pixabay/Steve Murphy)
Steve Murphy, Epicor CEO

Epicor CEO Steve Murphy commented, “Our customers across the make, move, and sell industries increasingly need to reach more prospects across more channels, with a relevant, accurate, content-rich digital experience that drives brand loyalty and repeat business. Our acquisition of KYKLO furthers our aim to be the essential partner to the world’s most essential businesses, empowering them with purpose-built digital capabilities to meet their buyers’ needs whatever, and wherever, they may be.”

Addressing the D2C and B2B Market

Epicor already has an eCommerce platform. Epicor sees KYKLO as augmenting the Epicor Commerce offering. It will empower manufacturers and distributors to deliver a complete digital experience. Importantly KYKLO, as Mitsibishi Electrics noted, it improves lead generation and helps to deliver a modern online purchasing experience.

The investment by Epicor comes at a time where B2B are increasingly looking online. A pulse survey by McKinsey & Company found that, “B2B companies that provide the best omnichannel experience are improving their market share by at least 10% annually.”

Analysis by Mordor Intelligence revealed that “the growing adoption of PIM software in various vertical industries delivers improved customer satisfaction and omnichannel experiences. Source:”

That market is growing quickly. With the analysis indicating that the PIM market size will grow from $15.2 billion in 2024 to $31.98 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 15.41%.

KYKLO operates across similar verticals to Epicor, with its most common being:

  • Electrical Distribution & Protections
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Fluid & Power
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)
  • Industrial & Safety Supply

KYKLO will enable Epicor customers to create, manage, and deploy product information. Such as content, price, and inventory across multiple channels to generate qualified leads and revenue. The platform enables KYKLO customers to collaborate with the supplier. To keep product information up to date, strengthening the validity of information on the webstore.


KYKLO offers two key solutions:

  • Powerful and Scalable PIM: The KYKLO PIM can be integrated with any eCommerce platform. It ensures delivery of the correct prospects to the right products. And simplifies and automates data collection to enrich content and supercharge the order process.
  • Real-time Catalog and Content Syndication: A process of catalogue and content creation involving search, editing, and filtering. Plus bulk data uploading using an API for real-time content and price updates. The KYKLO team of qualified engineers reviews available content, adds, corrects, and restructures missing information or technical attributes. It also optimizes for search and SEO, and then quality controls the resulting content before sending it to channel partners.

There is already an integration with Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor Eclipse. Some of the initial work will likely see the solution integrated into other Epicor solutions. However, no timescale was given for this work. It will also be interesting to see whether Epicor subsumes the brand. Or allows it to continue with a degree of autonomy, maintaining the integrations it has to the other ERP solutions it supports. These include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite and Infor.

Remi Ducrocq, KYKLO CEO, commented, “When we talk about B2B selling, we’re not actually talking about reaching businesses – it’s all about reaching people. Our mission has always been to deliver the best eCommerce platforms possible to help our industry customers create targeted, easy-to-use, personalized buying experiences that help them grow and succeed, and we are thrilled to join Epicor in continuing to elevate that work.”

In a post on LinkedIn, Ducrocq also added, “Epicor has proven to be the best partner for us, thanks to their leadership in the manufacturing and distribution space, shared customer base, shared vision of the future for those verticals, and amazing company culture.

“As a company, we have always strived to change how manufacturers and distributors digitize their sales thanks to best-in-class hashtag#PIM, hashtag#Ecommerce, and hashtag#rich hashtag#product hashtag#data, which we are excited to bring to Epicor, contributing to their cognitive ERP hashtag#AI vision.”

“We are excited to write the next chapter of KYKLO as part of Epicor and to bring great PIM, eCommerce, and rich content to their thousands of customers.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

B2B and D2C selling are becoming increasingly important for manufacturers and distributors. With this acquisition, Epicor has strengthened its capability in the area. It has brought on board technology and customers to which it can cross sell in both directions. It is unclear what the founders will now do. Will they continue to head up the business unit? Or will they see this as a lucrative exit from the company they founded nine years ago after a short stay?


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